Alejandro Sánchez Cerón: Negative Terms & Conditions of Production


Advisor/tutor: Marina Vishmidt
Arnhem, June 2018


This thesis has become more and less than specific, as it has become more and less than itself. Reflecting about terms and conditions of production remains a concern. What these conditions are and do, has been and remains speculative. How do they influence production when the object of production is also the subject? Could these conditions be deformed or affected? The initial ideas have been informed and deformed throughout a research that remains unfinished, incomplete and never fully defined, because it is an ongoing production.This text is one to think with and through, an invitation to reconsider our approach towards (re)production. 

Elliptical and at times lyrical, the inconsistencies and odd style of the text can be easily criticised as vague or ambiguous, not determined enough. The reader might also find the choices and usages of some terms rather general. Written through thinking about the form as much as the content, this text attempts to privilege neither of them, but use both to complement each other; sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it miserably fails. 

I am using the occasion and example of Stefano Harney and Fred Moten’s thought along with that of Theodor Adorno, Jose Muñoz, Erin Manning, Alfred Jarry and others, as a portal into modes of production that deviate from dominant practices. This text echoes, hacks and squats terms, suggesting them as conditions to participate on the development of a mode of being and thinking together.