Joost Jongerden

Joost Jongerden holds a M.Sc. in rural sociology (1991) and a Ph.D. in social sciences (2006). For his Ph.D. thesis (Settlement Wars - An historical analysis of displacement and return in the Kurdistan region of Turkey at the turn of the 21st century, an analysis of settlement and resettlement practices) he stayed about two years in Diyarbakir. He published in several journals, among them Disasters, Kurdische Studien, Middle East Report, the Journalof Kurdish Studies, and the Global Review of Ethnopolitics.

Together with Paul White he edited a volume on the Alevi in Turkey, published by Brill. Currently he is associated as an assistant-professor to the Athena Institute of the Vrije University in Amsterdam and the Department of Social Sciences of the Wageningen University in the Netherlands.