John Heymans

tag: Enschede

John Heymans (The Hague, 1954) studied applied mathematics and philosophy of science, technology and society at Twente University in Enschede.

From the summer of 2003 till the summer of 2011 he has been working as a mentor at the DAI, especially for theoretical matters.
Apart from this occupation at DAI he was the first Scholar on Stage at the Department of Modern Art History of Leiden University. In close collaboration with the Veenfabriek, the artistic ensemble directed by Paul Koek, he researches the philosophy of early electronic music as well as special made reconstructions of the remarkable instruments from this period.

Besides he is active as an literary essayist. Among others he published monographies on the painter Armando, the documentary filmmaker Cherry Duyns and the legendary Dutch author J.J. Voskuil. Now and then he writes poems,- three a year.