December Chronicle by Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal.

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We were meeting after one month. We shared what we had done in between the two sessions, how are we feeling and what could we like to do during these days?

We watched three films in the start of our co-op. First, “Pioniri maleni” by Zelimir Zilnik (1968), then “Poto and Cabengo” by Jean-Pierre Gorin (1980). The last one was “The Battle of the Adventure playground” (1980), an archival film of a Danish protest movement around a community playground called the Nørrebro Playground Riot, fought between the immigrant neighbourhood in Copenhagen and the police.

Each of us received and sent a letter to another in chain. There was a collective reading of these letters that captured personal memories and thoughts around the interplay of nation state and childhood.

We decided that each month we will install a series of exhibitions; three exhibits between three groups. This month, the PAF building gave us a rich variety of exhibition spaces. The community dining area became a personal archive; play clay arrows and miniature sculptures dotted the mundane landscape atop fragments of text (Leeron Tur-Kaspa and Olivia Abächerli). The library’s long centre table became the ideal setting for the diplomatic game Seesaw, derived from the traditional children's game of 'Capture the Flag’, but played by defending a word through questions answered by further questions (Gayatri Kodikal, Hannah O’Flynn and Sofia Montenegro). The large dance hall presented paper materials around the configuration of political space and time around childhood (Hasan Top, Jose Iglesias Ga-Arenal and Teresa Distelberger). This was followed by discussions around the exhibits and a leisurely walk in the town of St. Erme. 

The students led class by Sofia Montenegro and Leeron Tur-Kaspa was about body and mouth mimic exercises.

We ended the session with a discussion about Peekaboo co-op. What would we like to focus on? What could we improve about the co-op? We agreed we should need a session to discuss some of the concept we are using (child, childhood, children ...) as well to discuss around "Child as Method" text, and that we could need a specific time to present the material that we are uploading to the collective drive. And finally, we insist in the importance on be on time to the sessions or to notify if somebody can not attend the meeting, to avoid unnecesary waiting times.

Finally some of us took a walk in the garden where we spotted the peacock next to the PAF cat; Buddha.



Peekaboo - Looking Askance At Issues Of Childhood Connected To Nation