Fotini Gouseti (DAI, 2013) sends us "Predictions by Bella Kydonaki: Learning from Athens & Learning from Documenta". Watch this video work HERE.

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Predictions by Bella Kydonaki: Learning from Athens & Learning from Documenta (video, 13’18’’, 2017)

This is a video work showing astrologist Bella Kydonaki doing a reading to predict the future of an art institution (Documenta) and two related projects, as well as the future of the relationships between them. It focuses on the exhibition ‘Documenta 14 - Learning from Athens’, which transcended the confines of Documenta's hometown of Kassel and was partially staged in Athens in 2017; and the ‘Learning from Documenta’ anthropology and art research project that took place in Athens between 2015 and 2017, which aimed at critically observing and discussing aspects of Documenta’s presence in Athens.

The video was co-curated by Fotini Gouseti and social anthropologist Eleana Yalouri. The astrological reading took place and was filmed on September 15, 2017. 

You can view the full prediction with English subtitles here