Factory Workshop ~ Beyond Fictocriticism from Month to Month

Session 5: 12 & 13 April 2019

Friday 12

15.00–18.00. Writing session.

Tutorials with David (I will visit each group).

Prepare 15 min presentation of your text + performative element (to be presented to the rest of the group tomorrow).

18.00–19.00. Dinner

19.00–21.00. Writing session (continuation). Tutorials with David (visit each group).

Saturday 13

14.00–15.00. Reading group: I Love Dick (must be read in advance). Moderators: Julian, Teresa, Dina, Hannah.

15.00–18.00. Group discussion of the texts in progress + performative presentations. Each group will have 15 min to present the text AND the performative element + 15 min group discussion and feedback.

18.00–19.00. Dinner

19.00–21.00. Writing session (continuation after group feedback).

21.00–22.00. Plenary session: in which we will discuss the next steps until we meet again in October: the making and the contents of the Reader on Stage, the structure of the Roaming Assembly, and your performative interventions during the latter.



Session 4: 8 & 9 March 2019

Friday 8

Chronincle by: Sam, Matthieu. Deadline: 27 March (Nikos)

16.00–17.00. Reading group: Stephen Muecke’s The Fall: Fictocritical Writing (must be read in advance). Moderators: Nilz, Vita, Ciprian, Matthieu.

Additional bibliography: Bert Danckaert’s The Extras (2016)

Next reading group: Chris Kraus’ I Love Dick: 4x moderators: Julian, Teresa, (Hanna, Ciaran?) Expect text upload on 28 March.

17.00–18.00. Writing session.


19.00–21.00. Writing session (continuation). Tutorials with David (visit each group).

Saturday 9

9.00–12.00. Writing session (continuation).

12.00–13.00. Plenary session, status of the project. Identify copy editor/proof reader. Discuss different options about how/whom to perform the texts. Refresh timeline. Wrap up and prepare next session.

Please notice: in this session, there is no time set aside to present the texts-in-progress to the rest of the group (we will do it during the next session in April). However, if you think your text may benefit from the group’s feedback, please let me know in advance and we will make time for that.



Session 3: 8 & 9 February 2019

Chronicle by: Teresa, Hannah. Deadline 18 February (to David). Notes, photos, video or sound recording, etc.

Friday 8

16.00–17.00. Plenary session to discuss the current status of the project.

Update from last session. Consolidate writing groups.

Roaming Assembly in November, Rotterdam: structure, guests, four areas to cover.

The alumni question.

Timeline leading to Roaming Assembly.

Reader on Stage.

The performativity of fiction.

17.00–18.00. Reading group (read text in advance!): Francis McKee’s The Rainbow Wrasse. Moderators: Sam, Edel, Marc.

Extra bibliography: David Antin.


19.00–21.00. First writing session: define research area + define style-content relationship.

Saturday 9

10.00–13.00. First writing session (continuation). Tutorials with David.


14.00–16.30. Group discussion of the texts in progress.

16.30–17.30. First writing session (continuation).

17.30–18.00. Wrap up and prepare next session: Moderators for Simon Critchley’s Memory Theatre (everyone reads it in advance).



Session 2: 7 & 8 December 2018

Friday 7

16.00–18.00. Reading group:

16.00–17.00 Reading Barbara Browing’s The Gift.

17.00–18.00 Discussion. Moderators: Risa, Zach, Eric, Sam: read the text and prepare the leading questions in advance. The rest just need to bring a copy of the excerpt with you, there will be time to read it during the workshop session.

Select four moderators for the next reading group (Even the Dead Rise Up).


19.00–20.00. Plenary session, current status of the project.

Has anything changed/progressed from the presentation of the preface last session?

Final groups formation.

Start by writing down your research question(s). It must be defined this session and shared tomorrow during the group discussion along with the presentation of the first draft.

Extra bibliography: Bert Danckaert, The Extras (2016).

20.00–21.00. First writing session. I will accompany and discuss the text in progress with each group separately.


Saturday 8

10.30–13.30. First writing session (continuation).


14.30–16.30. Group discussion of the texts in progress.

The first time we will read the texts at face value, without disclosing the writing technique/process. Then the writing technique/process will be disclosed by the authors and we will discuss the text again in light of the new information.

16.30–18.00. First writing session (continuation).

18.00–18.30. Wrap up and prepare next session.


Location t.b.c. Because of possible last-minute changes, please keep checking this page.


Session 1: 9 & 10 November 2018

Friday 9

15.00–18.00. Introduction to the workshop. What is fictocriticism? Writing as research.

Round of students’ self-introductions.

Introduction to David’s research: Tamam Shud & The Fantasy of the Novel.

18.00–19.00. Dinner.

19.00–21.00. Writing exercise.

Saturday 10

10.00–13.00. Workshop's structure and goal; calendar; how to go about the assignment. Groups formation and preliminary brainstorming.

13.00–14.00. Lunch.

14.00–17.00. How to analyse a text.

Reading group: David Maroto’s The Fantasy of the Novel (unpublished PhD thesis).

Select two moderators for the next reading group (Barbara Browning’s The Gift).

17.00–18.00. Wrap up and group discussion.


Notice: prior to the workshop, I will be sending a link to a Google Drive shared folder that contains the bibliography. Participants are encouraged to download and read the texts at their discretion. The more common background literature we have, the more shared knowledge and solid ground to work and discuss.

In the same Google folder, I will upload each week’s excerpted text for the reading group. Please download it, print it, and take it with you to the workshop. You don’t need to read it in advance, there will be time to do so during the workshop

Location: De Lommerd - Steenzaal, Spijkerstraat 185. Because of possible last-minute changes, please keep checking this page.