Foundland Collective ( Lauren Alexander (DAI, 2011) and Ghalia Elsrakbi): their first extremely serious, dangerously entertaining lecture performance on early migration from the Middle East to the USA, in text, image & music is under construction and will be part of Tashweesh | a 10 day Festival on Feminism in the Middle - East, N Africa & Europe, starting October 17.

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Wish You Were Here

Lecture performance? Foundland Collective opens our eyes to this format with powerful texts, images, sound fragments and music. These have all been found in the Alixa Naff collection of the Smithsonian Museum (Washington D.C.), the world's largest archive on early migration from the Middle East to the USA. The Foundland Collective is a transdisciplinary research platform founded by Lauren Alexander (Cape Town) and Ghalia Elsrakbi (Damascus). Today, they are operating from Amsterdam and Cairo. Come immerse yourself in their wonderfully refined cultural narrative.

Friday October 19 at 20:30 Beursschouwburg in Brussels.

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