Double Bind at the Abelló Museum (Mollet del Vallès) is Sergi Selvas (DAI, 2017) first soloshow in Barcelona, for which he has collaborated (a.o.) with Alejandro Cerón (DAI, 2018) and Irati Irulegui (DAI, 2019). Opening September 28 and closing on the 9th of December

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Double Bind is a communicative phenomenon that occurs when a person can not face an inherent dilemma and, therefore, can not solve it or deactivate himself from the situation. No matter what he does, he will err the answer. Questions where all the answers are both correct and incorrect, to which the artist is freed and defeated.

Through a shared reading of the projects through a particular disposition of images of projects, three friends, Alejandro Cerón, Eva Marichalar-Freixa and Irati Irulegui, help the artist to question his work from an holistic point of view. Asking again those questions that marked his path, seeking coincidences, intuitions, contradictions and crossings that make his projects stories of multiple paths.

Each image, each project, randomly occupies a position to which a question has been assigned. The final composition suggests in each conversation possible answers and readings of the artist's overall work. Thus, as a result of these conversations, the artist exhibits several works that, because of their juxtaposition of stories, aesthetics, and social and political complicities, work as a breeding ground for a practice based on fiction, documentary, the body and the community.