Longstanding DAI partner Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons presents its first biannual exhibition as part of the Autumn 2018 program, featuring work by a.o. Avan Omar (DAI 2017). Till 11.11.2018 at CASCO headquarters and elsewhere.

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In what ways do we [humans] imagine, think about, and interact with the interdependence of microbial life, and how might we newly encounter “knowing” in our human–non-human entanglements towards a different way of living.
A large farmhouse on the remaining plot of a once-vast farmland has been neglected for over a decade until now. Located in the middle of a new urban-residential area, the farmhouse is now seen as a part of Utrecht’s agricultural heritage. Who will decide on its future and for what?
Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons presents its first biannual exhibition program at its headquarters with Evolved in shared relationships, a solo exhibition by Finnish artist Alma Heikkilä, and Erfgoed (Agricultural Heritage and Land Use), a collective exhibition for the eponymous project running at the Terwijde farmhouse. There exhibitions opened on Saturday, 15 September in conjunction with Uitfeest, the lively, two-day celebration of the new cultural season in Utrecht. Both exhibitions are organized as part of the long-term project and study line Center for Ecological (Un)learning by Casco Art Institute and the Leidsche Rijn-based interdisciplinary collective The Outsiders, and deal with one of the most fundamental dimensions of the commons: ecology.
Contributors to the exhibition: Xalil Abdullah, Maria Stijger Aramburu, Ali Authman, Riek Bakker, Erik de Boer, Bart Broeze, Britt Dorenbosch, Malek & Fatima, Manne Heijman, Patricia Jiménez-López, Dohee Lee, Yong Xiu & Nen Lin, Avan Omar, Dounia El Ouardani, Dineke Oudijk, Terwijde Terror Triple, Iet & Kees van Vuuren, Hinke Weikamp, Judith Winkel, Kesewah Yeboah, Merel Zwarts.