Diakron is an organization working with transdisciplinary research and practice based in greater Copenhagen. Our backgrounds are composed of experiences from artistic practices, curatorial practices, social sciences and graphic design. Diakron is based on explorative research as a core value. This means, that we adapt what our practices do and what the organization is, according to the research projects we undertake.

Diakron’s modes of engagement, processes of making and research methodologies grow out of our projects and collaborations. We combine our transdisciplinary outset with an open-ended and relational approach to methodological experimentation. Outputs and expressions are not predetermined but developed in a responsive manner according to each research process. One such project is Primer, a platform for artistic and organizational development, housed in the context of Aquaporin, a global water technology company. Primer explores what might result if we renew relations between artistic, scientific, technological and business practices.