COOP ~ Peekaboo - Looking askance at issues of childhood connected to nation from Month to Month

Seminar 6: 15-18 April 2019

General Notes

Portfolio on A2 in folder. 14 copies per person. Bring samples of your proposed print for Epen.

Print test out Teams:
Berlin - Sofia, Ozgur, Hannah Arnhem/ NL - Leeron, Gayatri Seville - Jose

Chain Letter Booklet Team: Hannah - Design
Gayatri - Coordinating

Tasks in between DAI weeks

Chain letter (order: Leeron > Ruth > Ozgur > Olivia > Maria > Hannah > Jose > Teresa > Isabelle > Sofia > Tina > Ciprian > Gayatri Please remember to forward if you cannot answer within 24 hrs.

Read and summarize and upload one text of your choice to do with Childhood/Nation.

Peekaboo Google Drive:

Search for and define connections your research and your portfolio contribution (=output) has to other COOP contributor’s research and portfolio. Please be as extensive, precise and inspired as possible.

Those who want to propose a workshop, write short paragraph about it. You may propose a collaborative workshop with other workshops you resonate with. Add these to orange folder called Workshop texts.

Upload edited, selected chain letters into red folder called chain letter final for print. There is no month to month folder, just name each letter like; Month_NametoName. It will be easier for Hannah to pick up the texts for the inDesign doc. :) Deadline: Before Berlin in May.

Upload notes and bio for portfolio exhibition, edited for final print in red folder called Notes for print. Deadline: These can be done over time until before Cagliari.

documenting this week will be Hannah and Teresa

15  Chain letter and Screening

Djibril Diop Mambéty's "The little girl who sold the sun", 1999/Senegal

16  Group f2f on collaborative workshop proposals

Teresa’s intro into her experience of working with children

Reading of workshop texts and planning workshop (content, duration, responsibilities, materials)

Evening: student lead class by Ciprian and Hannah

17  Workshop with Maria on DIY Zines and Orani printed matter

followed by Individual f-2-f if there is enough time

Evening Screening: Lav Diaz, “A Lullaby...” 2nd half, open to DAI

18  Exhibition and discussion of portfolio

Size: A2 folded. sample paper and printing technique Folder


Seminar 5: 10-13 March 2019

General Notes - Tasks in between DAI weeks

Chain letter (order: Hannah -> Teresa -> Özgür -> Ciprian -> Maria -> Tina -> Jose -> Isabelle -> Ruth -> Sofia -> Gayatri -> Olivia -> Leeron) Please remember to forward if you cannot answer within 24 hrs.

Read and summarize one text of your choice to do with (Childhood/Nation)

As already announced: write one letter to a 8-14 year old on your work for this Coop, deadline 27th of February

Please upload all previous material onto our drive:

- previous chain letters ordered by month

- work synopses/proposals

- letter to children

- your text summaries to Nation, Childhood, Child as Method

- class summaries

- DAi documentations ordered by month

- additional material you find useful.

And can someone please volunteer to make an order of material, see what is still missing, remind people to input their date and send around the address of the drive to all tutors.

- documenting this week will be: Özgur and Hannah



10       walk and student-lead session (by Hannah)

11       Group f2f  on work proposed for output

Evening: Shared session with Curating Positions COOP! Ruth will talk about "Scenes of a Theory", an exhibition she curated int he 1990s. This will be followed by the screening of a film by Pedro Costa, Leire Vergara.

12       Exhibitions

            Group 1: Hannah, Leeron, Jose

            Group 2:  Teresa, Sofia, Özgur

            Group 3 : Olivia, Gayatri, Ciprian

morning: installation

afternoon: viewing and discussing

evening: Lav Diaz, A Lullaby to a sorrowful mystery, part 2, starting 7 pm punctually!

During morning session, Maria and I will offer individual f2f by request

13       Workshopping on Sardegna output

            class starts 9 am


Seminar 4: 10-13 February 2019

General Notes

Tasks in between DAI weeks

- chain letter (order to be announced by Sofia) Please remember to forward if you cannot answer within 24 hrs. Please let this be the exception, but if need be, you can add your letter into the chain at a later date - a kind cul de sac.

- read and summarize one text (Childhood/Nation)

- come up with an idea of how to forge "Looking askance/Child as a Method" into a method for art production or art display or art mediation or art display. Prepare to explain this in a concise and coherent way. For "Looking Askance", remember the difference between gaze and look. Remember the way in which children are coerced, guided, helped into the world as it is defined by adults; how they are coerced, guided, helped the field of visibility where they can appear as subjects-to-be. Remember to to imagine what it might mean if children subverst this relationship or what it might mean to challenge the adult position yourselves.

The text by Rebentisch might or might not be helpful with this task. Someone please upload it to our drive and please send me the link - I can't find it in my mail.

- Now is the time to produce a concrete proposal for your output. One that is connected to the COOP topic in an interesting and productive way. :-) If you need to change this later on, you change it. But you will still present something in Epen that we can think of as a sketch or plan for your future work.

- Think about Orani (in the widest sense)


Week to be documented/reported on by Ciprian and Teresa

Attention: order of student lead session changed

10     Baking Apple Strudel and reading of the chain-letter and Leon's film

11     Concepts

         class starts 9:30 am

         Looking Askance, Child as a Method, including student    summaries and presentations

         evening: Student lead session by Gayatri and Sofia

12     Exhibitions + group f2f

         class starts 9 am

This time, we will try to combine both formats. Students might need to install sketches or concepts. The idea is to bring    forward individual output contributions and use the exhibitions as a platform for discussing open questions, ambivalences,     problems, inspirations. 

         Group 1: Hannah, Teresa, Olivia

         Group 2: Leeron, Sofia, Gayatri

         Group 3: Jose, Özgur, Ciprian

morning: installation                     

afternoon: viewing and discussing         

evening: Screening Lav Diaz, A Lullaby to a sorrowful mystery,        

part 1, startin 7 pm punctually!

During morning session, Tina and I will offer individual f2f by    request

13     Workshopping on Sardegna output

class starts 9 am


Seminar 3: 13-18 January 2019

Chronicle to be devised by Hassan and Leeron.

Sunday 13th - Film screening

Monday 14th - Exhibitions

Class starts 9 am

Group 1: Hannah, Leeron, Jose

Group 2: Sofia, Olivia

Group 3: Gayatri, Özgur

Schedule: morning: installation

afternoon: viewing and discussing

evening session: student-lead activities, all students askedto participate

Appointments can be made with Ruth (by email before Jan 13) for individual meeting during evening. Ruth will try to accommodate everyone who wants to have individual meetings, but this goes on first come-first serve basis. People will have to be flexible, as individual meetings won't necessary have the same duration. People with whom Ruth did not manage to meet in Sardinia will be first in line next month.

Tuesday 15th - Excursion to Nuoro

Depending on transport, which is yet to be set up, we can do the letter reading on the way.  Transport will probably be around 7:30. Breakfast will be served at 07.00 at the Hostel.

Wednesday 16th - Concepts

Class starts 9 am

The Nation and Nationalism

Child as a Method and Looking Askance

Please be prepared to give your definitions and also present summaries on your chosen texts. 

Evening session: student-lead activities, all students askedto participate

Appointments can be made with Ruth (by email before Jan 13) for individual meeting during evening. Ruth will try to acommodate everyone, but this goes on first come, first serve basis and will also be slightly contingent on Ruth's and students energy reserves.  People will be flexible, as individual meetings won't necessary have the same duration.

Thursday 17th - Group f-2-f

Class starts at 9 am

Each student will have a face-2-face upto 30 min with the whole group present on their plans for the outcome of this year's COOP. Please be as concrete as possible when showing your work-in-progress/research material/ research question/asking for advise

evening: Discussing Coop Outcome

Friday 18th - Student lead class

class starts 9 am

Jose - Olivia

before student lead class, 50 min: Feedback and To do list

Seminar 2: 9-12 December 2018


Evening: Short walk followed by a film night (Pioniri maleni by Zelimir Zilnik)


Case analysis and discussion of “The Battle of the Adventure playground” (1980), we will also see a short film/documentary (Maria will bring this) about the self organised adventure playground build in Nørrebro, Copenhagen in the early 70s that was –after urban struggles involving many kids and a week long standoff with the police– demolished to give way to housing in 1980.

Group crits (we split into two groups)


People will be setting up, presenting and introducing their work in 3 groups. Lets think of these presentations as mini exhibitions with work or some aspect of the work in space rather than presenting on screen. Exhibition is a broad term and lets approach it as such.

It would be good if the people that are in each group could be in touch with each other (prior to DAI week) regarding what and how they want to present this (ie. individual works or work collectively etc.). Each group should decide together on a format. 

Taking into account the nature of the spaces we may be in it may be difficult to conceive this in the way you might ideally intend it – in which case you might introduce aspects of the exhibitions in their imagined states. It might be helpful to think of the proposed exhibition as being itinerant, adaptable or versatile.

Reading of the letter chain.


Student led class




Seminar 1: 12-15 November 2018

Welcome to Peekaboo! Maria, Tina and I are very much looking forward to working with you over the next months.

This week, we will focus on getting to know each other.

Monday evening will kick off with a short walk to catch some fresh air (meeting point: class room, please be punctual), and then we settle down to watch and discuss a film (surprise feature!). Isabelle Sully might be joining us.

Thursday will be a student lead class. I will contact the three students to do this directly per mail as soon as I have the class list.

Maria and Tina will introduce themselves and I can offer to give you a 30 min. lecture on the subject of playgrounds. (optional)

The DAI asks of us to document our research process well. We need to take a bit of time to discuss the why, what, how and who of this.

For the rest, please prepare the following:

1- Read the essay in class drive by Erica Burman, Child as method: implications for decolonising educational research thoroughly.

2 - Come up with two suggestions of a useful text, one on the subject of nation, one on the subject of childhood to enter our class library (i.e. the drive). Optional: texts additionally addressing space. Write a short summary that explains the usefulness of these texts to you. Be able to explain this to us. You can also choose texts already in the drive or refer to the literature in the drive for ideas. Please actively feed the drive with material to be shared throughout the year.

3 - Be ready to talk us through your idea for your contribition to a future exhibition on the subject of childhood and nation at this moment in time. Don't worry, this can change or evolve, but imagine we were doing this exhibition right now. Additionally each of you can (but must not) bring one extra item for this imaginary exhibition, - an art work, an object, a short clip, a media image,... Please refrain from items that are solely about childhood without connection to nation. Sometimes, this is evident in the item, sometimes, it is a question of perspective.

4 - This week, face-to-faces will be turned into a skill/question-sharing group session: Come up with a skill you can teach the others, or a question you have in your current practice with which you would like us to try to help you. We can devote between 5-30 min. to each skill/question.