Training for the Future. A Preenactment. Saturday, 8. September @ Ruhrtriennale 2018 - Jahrhunderthalle/Turbinenhalle. A project by Jonas Staal, curated and co-programmed by Florian Malzacher.

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With Ceren Akyos (European Center for Jineology Studies), Heath Bunting (irational), Rebecca Gomperts (Women on Waves), Harald Welzer (Futur2)

In a time of increasing global crises in politics, economy and ecology, dystopia has become the new futuristic norm. 
Training for the Future instead creates a training ground where audiences turn into trainees for a self determined alternative future. 
This preenactment is an introduction to a larger project to be launched at Ruhrtriennale 2019, when in an environment of various historical utopian artforms and never realized architectures visitors will be trained for radical futuristic scenarios by group psychologists, survivalists, free zone engineers, identity hackers, science fiction authors, futurologists, artists, activists, and cooperative game designers. Who owns the means of production of our future? How can we regain control over it?
Training for the Future, a Pre-Enactment, is a first public exercise in the upcoming training curriculum and combines small-scale trainings with lectures and discussion on how to reclaim the future as a site of collective action.

Jonas Staal

Training #1: Rebecca Gomperts - Extraterritorial Activism
Our understanding of activism tends to be limited to street protest and online campaigns.
Training #1 proposes extraterritorial methods of activism that include the seas and skies.

Training #2: Heath Bunting - Intimate Encryption
Communication devices demand more and more encryption to escape surveillance.
Training #2 teaches how to encrypt through intimacy instead of mathematics.

Training #3: Ceren Akyos - Homework for Men
The science of women (Jineology) teaches liberation from patriarchy, state, and capitalism.
Training #3 teaches men how to contribute to this liberation through self-critique.
Training Address: Harald Welzer - How to Train the Future

Conversation with trainers and trainees: Occupy the Future
with Ceren Akyos, Heath Bunting, Rebecca Gomperts, Harald Welzer.
Moderation: Florian Malzacher