Summer Limited, 2018 ~ an exhibition curated by Enna Bae with David Bergé (DAI, 2017) and Fay Shin at Amado Art Space in Seoul

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Summer Limited is an exhibition curated by Enna Bae with artists David Bergé and Fay Shin structured around three axes: summer heat, the constitution of the exhibition space which previously consisted of several houses, separated by a street; and the modernization of Seoul since the 1950ies to which Amado Art Space belongs. 

Summer Limited brings together two artists with an immersive attitude toward their initial mediums, painting and photography. Both centralize their own body as a navigator of presence, responding to the context and atmosphere they encounter. While Shin has a strong focus on the weather, urban reality frames Bergé’s works.

David Bergé’s contribution addresses the physicality of urban reality and heat. First, he creates an installation consisting of slices of urban textures in real scale, added as a composition to the textures already present in Amado Art Space. Secondly, in a Walk Piece, visitors will be guided by Bergé to walk in silence through the urban surroundings of the art space, as a corporeal extension of the installation. 

Fay Shin’s painting-installation will consist of multiple fabrics dyed in summer limited seasonal fruits and flowers hanging on the grids in brass. The work will lead the viewer through a dissolved space between the hanging colors in labyrinthine formations: developing the surface of painting as a corpus of liveness.

exhibition text by Enna Bae.

exhibition taking place from
August 21 - September 13
at Amado Art Space, Itaewon, Seoul.
opening: August 21, 6 PM

Walk Pieces will take place on August 23, 28, 30 and on September 4 in the late afternoon. Due to the limited capacity, registering with Enna Bae is necessary.

with the support of
Arts Council Korea, Amado Art Space and Platform 0090. 

Amado Art Space,
683-31 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu,
Seoul 04400.
open 11:30 AM - 7:00 PM
closed on Mondays

Platform 0090 is a unique model that accompanies and supports a group post-disciplinary artists in their artistic process and productions.

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