Eduardo Cachucho (DAI, 2015) and Nelisiwe Xaba will be performing at POOL in Johannesburg on the 4th of August.

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Hello Friend
Nelisiwe and I will be performing this Saturday (venue to be disclosed on Friday to RSVP list, in Parkview/Westcliff area) 2 for 2:30, performance is is 20-30min long after which you are welcome to lounge, share some drinks and snacks with us till 5pm when the venue will close.
RSVP is required as space is very limited. RSVP here.


POOL is an emergent platform for curatorial
and artistic production, experimentation and
research, working with artists to support and
commission new work. Emerging from a joint
investigation into the role, form, and organ-
ising systems of art institutions in South Africa,
POOL considers from a curatorial and artistic
perspective, the question of what it means to
institute and how to institute in a South African
(and specifically Johannesburg) context.
POOL is organised as an experiment in alter-
native instituent forms and as a site through
which to stretch curatorial methodology and
artistic practice through the frames of self-
organising and self-instituting.