Annette Krauss

Annette Krauss works as artist, educator and writer. In her conceptual-based practices she addresses the intersection of art, politics and everyday life. Her work revolves around informal knowledge and normalization processes that shape our bodies, the way we use objects, engage in social practices and how these influence the way we know and act in the world. Her artistic work emerges through the intersection of different media, such as performance, video, historical and everyday research, pedagogy and texts.

Krauss has (co-)initiated various long-term collaborative practices (Hidden Curriculum / Sites for Unlearning / Read-in / ASK! / Read the Masks. Tradition is Not Given / School of Temporalities.) These projects reflect and build upon the potential of collaborative practices while aiming at disrupting taken for granted “truths” in theory and practice. (,,

Recent exhibitions, projects etc. include ‘Hidden Curriculum’ transit gallery Bratislava, 2020; ‘Dark Energies’, exhibit Wien, 2019; ‘Shapes of Knowledge’, Monash Museum Melbourne 2019,  ‘Elephants in the Room’, Assembly, CASCO Art Institute, 2018; ‘Feminist Search Tools’ with Read-in, since 2018; ‘Site for Unlearning (Art Organization)’  with Team at Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons, Utrecht (since 2014); ‘Haunted Bookshelves’, Read-in at Hauntopia/What if, Research Pavillon Venice 2017, ‘Regimes of Memorizing’, Kunci, Yogyakarta, 2015/ Stedelijk Bureau Amsterdam 2014; ‘Randzonenlesung’ Kunstverein Wiesbaden 2014; ‘In Search of the Missing Lessons’, Whitechapel Gallery 2013, (In)visibilities, The Showroom London 2012, GDR goes on - Grand Domestic Revolution, Casco 2012; Amateurism, Kunstverein Heidelberg 2012; ‘For Einhoven’ Van Abbemuseum Einhoven/NL 2011; ‘We are Grammar’ Pratt Gallery/New York 2011; ‘School Days’, Lewis Glucksman Gallery/Cork 2011. Currently Elise-Richter-Peek Post-Doc researcher at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Since 2018 Course Leader MA Fine Arts HKU Utrecht.

Selected texts and essays by Annette Krauss

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