Anjalika Sagar / The Otolith Group

Founded by Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun in 2002, The Otolith Group has grown as a collaborative platform that seeks to rethink the dynamics of cultural production under conditions of accelerated, unstable and precarious global conditions. Films, art works, exhibitions, curated programmes, and publications are collectively conceived by the two artists, and research forms the basis of the practice. The Otolith Collective coexists by curating, programming, publishing and supporting the presentation of artists work, contributing to a critical field of exploration between visual culture and exhibiting in contemporary art. They have curated and co-curated programmes and exhibitions including, A Cinema of Songs and People: The Films of Anand Patwardhan at the Tate Modern, The Inner Time of Television ( a collaboration with Chris Marker ), The Journey, by Peter Watkins at the Tate Modern, On Vanishing Land by Mark Fisher and Justin Barton, The Militant Image (ongoing) , the touring exhibition The Ghosts of Songs: A Retrospective of The Black Audio Film Collective 1982-1998, Harun Farocki. 22 Films: 1968-2009 at Tate Modern and the touring programme Protest conceived as part of the Essentials: The Secret Masterpieces of Cinema commissioned by the Independent Cinema Office. In 2010 The Otolith Group were nominated for the Turner Prize.

In early 2014, The Otolith Group will hold their first major solo exhibition in Norway at the Bergen Kunsthalle and The Otolith Collective in collaboration with The Showroom in London will curate the first dedicated event in the UK that studies the work of the artists, film makers and theorists, Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson.