Kostas Tzimoulis (DAI, 2011) and DAI guest tutor Gigi Argyropoulou invite us to MONUMENTARY OCCUPATIONS, a series of ephemeral contexts that explore public forms of response in the here and now. Beginning TODAY, June 22.

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22, 23, 24 June 2018

Protesilaou 15, Pagrati / Vyronas

Monumentary occupations is a series of ephemeral contexts that explore public forms of response in the here and now. Through spatial  reconfigurations and public programmes these iterations attempt to momentarily produce incomplete situations that practically rethink the place/role of cultural practice in the city and its spatial structures; asking anew what “might be a cultural and political intervention in the here and now of Athens”. Emerging from - and questioning the (im)potential of - self-organised experiments of the last decade, Momentary Occupations seeks to explore forms of continuity “that appear and disappear beyond the logics of the market”.

Public Programme

Friday 22 June 2018

20.30 Discussion: “Cultural Powerlessness and New Paradigms of Intervention”

Nadia Argyropoulou, Ash Bulayev, Akis Gavrilidis, Evi Prousali, Eleni Tzirtzilaki, Theofilos Traboulis

22.30 Screenings:

“From Left to Night” (2015) by Wendelien Van Oldenbourgh, (33 min)

“Comunismo futuro” (2017) by Andrea Groppleto featuring Franco Berardi (Bifo) (72 min)

The screening of “Comunismo futuro” is in collaboration with Despina Panagiotopoulou.


Saturday 23 June 2018

20:30 Discussion: “New Urban Battles: Athenian habitats after ten years of the crisis”

Katia Arfara, Co-Hab Athens, SODA, Hariklia Hari, Iris Lykourioti

22.30 Screenings:

"The luventa 18 June 2017" by Forensic Architecture (34 min)

"Mare Clausum” by Forensic Architecture (29 min)


Sunday 24 June 2018

20:30 Workshop: “Incomplete Learnings”. Open Participation.

22:30 Screenings:

“Wildness” ( 2012) by Wu Tsang (1h 14min)


The programme is free and open to the public


* The screening of the films was made possible courtesy by Andrea Groppleto/Franco Berardi (Bifo),

Forensic Architecture, Wu Tsang, Wendelien Van Oldenbourgh who generously contributed their work.


:: These “Momentary Occupations” open currents and investigations to be explored further in the

second edition of the DIY Performance Biennial in the autumn of 2018 ::