Athens: WE ARE ALL INVITED TO THE OPENING on Wednesday May 30 from 8–11 pm of 'No Armature' ~ a warmly recommended solo exhibition by Kostas Tzimoulis (DAI, 2011) !

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30 May—20 June 2018
Tue-Sun, 6–8 pm.
Asklipiou 99, Exarcheia 

No Armature 

is the title of a series of works by Kostas Tzimoulis. It refers to support without a framework, without a skeleton, without assistance of any kind. The springboard for the show was an exploration into how materials are supported. Plastic, rigid, fragile, dry, flexible, vulnerable materials. Like plaster, rubber, aluminium, mirrored glass.

The works seem frozen, inert, which intensifies the inherent contradiction between the real/perishable and the ideal/intangible. The vertical, the upright, is everywhere. The friable is juxtaposed with the glossy.

WORKING AT HOME, a publication of photographs depicting ephemeral sculptures which come together and apart in the home, will be launched at the show. These sculptural gestures simultaneously pose the issue of artistic practice.

Both the works in the exhibition and the publication echo thoughts on working conditions in art today. With or without support, within frameworks or outside of them; there will always be ways of keeping on.

No Armatureis being shown at Asklipiou 99, an independent art space in the centre of Athens since November 2017.

No Armatureis presented in parallel with Sophia Simaki's Mila[Apples] show at E. Benaki 146b. The decision to exhibit in parallel underscores the interchange between two artists via scheduled meetings and mutual feedback throughout the production of their works. The exhibitions are taking place in independent spaces situated close together in Neapoli in central Athens; the dates and hours hold for both.


Kostas Tzimoulis [Thessaloniki, 1974] is a visual artist. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts [Prof. G. Lappas] and pursued postgraduate studies at Westminster University, London and the Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem. He has presented three solo exhibitions: Recycled Spaces at the Pancevo Cultural Center, Belgrade in 2007, Useless Passagesat the Artis Causa Gallery, Thessaloniki in 2008 and Yuccaat the Green Park occupation, Athens, in 2015. He collaborates with Vassilis Noulas on their common project VASKOS; together they have presented two exhibitions: VASKOSat the Bangladesh art space, Athens in 2016, and Ivory Towersat Asklipiou 99, in 2017. He is a member of the Nova Melancholia performance group. He has co-initiated several collective experiments in recent years including: Green Park 2015-2017, DIY Performance Biennial 2016.