Sonia Abián

Sonia Abián's work starts with a visit to archives and research. In whatever medium - video, painting, object, installation -, she analyses discourses and historical pictures as vehicles of an ideology. Her special interest is in the power structures demonstrated in these pictures through the legitimisation of specific race and gender positions and their current relevance.
Sonia Abian was born in Argentina in 1966 and studied in Posadas and Barcelona.

Since 2014 she develops the lecture performanceThe usefull mouths. On the visual apparatus of femicides, in collaboration with collectives from different cultural and educational fields.

Group exhibitions
Masterplan scholars CC Ricardo Rojas, Buenos Aires 2010 Potosí principle Museum Reina Sofía, Madrid. 2007 documenta 12, Kassel. 2006 Die Normalität, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires; Paradiesische Handlungsräume, Secession, Vienna. 2004 Wie wollen wir regiert werden? MACBA, Barcelona; Ex-Argentina Ludwig Museum, Cologne.

#3 El género, una cuestión de imagen. Red solidaria para la transformación social, 2011, Barcelona. Supermarketgate. documenta Magazine Nº3, Education. documenta and Museum Fridericianum GmbH, Kassel, 2007.

Mandel Katz, Claudia: Estéticas del borde. Prácticas artísticas y violencia contra las mujeres en Lationamérica.Ed. UCR, San José de Costa Rica, 2016

Charles Esche: The possible gesture (provisory title) Cream 3, Contemporary Art in Culture, Phaidon Press Limited, London, 2003.