March 1: Rabea Ridlhammer (DAI, 2018) is guestspeaker at a public event in the context of EVERYTHING BUT FACIAL (a solo exhibition by Pedro Matias)

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EVERYTHING BUT FACIAL is a solo exhibition by Pedro Matias, focusing on the repercussions of capitalism in the bodies and minds of today’s society. 
Matias considers both voice and body a weapon for change and revolution. In the course of the exhibition, performers deconstruct and mess up the installations. Their non-normative and queer bodies represent the labour as well as the disruptive power each one of us holds in our hands. Here, the body becomes political, beyond gender and sexuality, using both concepts to expose diversity and demystify normative roles. Their movements could be considered the longing for - or the possibility of - a queer utopia. EVERYTHING BUT FACIAL faces challenges of dominant corporate societies and is a colourful performative attempt of creating alternative knowledge.
A solo exhibition by Pedro Matias
Guest curator Léon Kruijswijk
Opening: Friday 23 February, 19h00-23h00
Exhibition open: 23 February – Sun 04 March, Fri-Sun 12h00 – 17h00
Finissage: Sun 04 March, 15h00– 17h00

Public event: Thur 01 March, 20h00-21h00

Guest speakers: Eliza Steinbock, Maria Guggenbichler and Rabea Ridlhammer
Frans de Wollantstraat 84, Amsterdam
Patrick Schmatzer (AUT),  Mina Tomek (ISL), Moreno Perna (IT) and Merdan Akbayir (GER)