Arti et Amicitiae ~ 16 February: Bad Royale Army of Liberation (DAI, 2016 & 2017) presents “The Trial; La Torture”.

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Bad Royale Army of Liberation, a revolutionary apolitical militant lil dance unit based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, whispers:

Marten Spankberg, enough is enough!

The moment has arrived.
People are awakened.
Bodies are aware.
Voices are trembling.
We are here for your money.
- I m not an avatar. I m not a propaganda. I do not deserve to be spanked.
- I m not an intellectual messiah but I reenact one. Jesus. 
I deserve to be spanked.

THE TRIAL; La Torture

Bad Royale v Marten Spankberg

First Wave.
Before this Honourable Court, Subcomandante Anarcos, the Contemporary Kant Can't Dance, soldier Kunsthalle Oetker, officer Door Mat, Mr Awkward as defense pizza boy Labour Right, Gianstefano Ferti Nelli, Kinky Hopelezz and Her Honor F'adele.
Contents of charge: Deception. Fraud. Co-option. Aestheticization. Manipulation of knowledge. Leftingizing the industrialized dance. Intellectual messiahnism. Brainwashing popaganda.
To prevent the continuations of the above, and as our last dope, we are here to unlaw the law, pollute the justice and take down the swedish empire.
Spank da berg. We are the inheritors of the true builders of contemporary dance. Prevent declaration of worthless now. Let's pray until the day; Friday 16 February.
Friday 16 February 2018 at 20.30
Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, 1012LB, Amsterdam
!!Free Entrance!!



Attend. Prevent. At the very end.
Turbo. Full on.
We don't really care if you cry. On the real, you should have never lied.
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