OTHER FUTURES ~ EXPLORING NEW PERSPECTIVES THROUGH SCIENCE FICTION: a new and exciting multidisciplinary online and offline platform kicks of with academy, festival and exhibition (till February 11)

| tag: Amsterdam

Other Futures is a new multidisciplinary online and offline platform for thinkers and builders of other futures. For the first time in the history of science fiction makers and thinkers from different disciplines and different parts of the world will explore the potentialities of the genre together with the public. The first edition of the Other Futures will focus on non-Western science fiction. Other Futures will be a meeting point for sharing new insights about how we want to envision and build our future. The platform uses science fiction not just to reflect upon the future but also as a tool of empowerment in order to build a new and better world.

The platform will kick-off with a three-day multidisciplinary festival in the Melkweg and the Sugarfactory in Amsterdam (February 2-4, 2018), the exhibition Creating Other Futures in the Melkweg Expo (January 14 - February 11, 2018), the one-day storytellers event New Narratives for Climate Action at VondelCS and the online platform via the site.


Mouflon Foundation devotes itself exclusively to the realization of Other Futures – Exploring New Perspectives through Science Fiction, the new multidisciplinary online and offline platform for people from all disciplines from everywhere in the world who think about and help shape the future, aimed at a wide and varied audience.