Wed 31st January: Eduardo Cachucho (DAI, 2015 ) and Snyder Moreno Martín will be performing 'Permanent Creation~On The Other Side Of The Atlantic' at The Centre for the Less Good Idea.

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Unit 11, Arts on Main, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg
Experimental performance  
Snyder Moreno Martín (Bogotá - Colombia) and Eduardo Cachucho (Johannesburg - South Africa) 
Wed 31st Jan 4pm

Artists Snyder Moreno Martín (Bogotá - Colombia) and Eduardo Cachucho (Johannesburg - South Africa) began their collaboration on a residency in São Paulo in June 2017. Beyond this residency and separated by 12 000km the artists continued to work together remotely.
Now, both on the same side of the Atlantic, the artists open up this journey to the public in an unfolding space of permanent creation.
Two performers roam freely. Everything created is from scratch and unfolds before the eyes. Text, drawing, speaking, singing, sound making, performing and actions accumulate.
This performance is an exercise in communication. There is no script but constant improvisation, a rehearsal that never ends. It is a durational performance attempting to illustrate daily life.
Audience are encouraged to walk through the space and move freely.
Entrance is free, but reserving space online is encouraged