Alejandro Cerón (DAI, 2018) invites you to Marres Currents #5: I spy, I spy a little lie (from 13 December, 2017 till 4 February, 2018)

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Alejandro Cerón invites you with great pleasure to the opening of Marres Currents #5: I spy, I spy a little lie, which takes place on Wednesday 13 December 2017, from 6 to 10 PM, Capucijnenstraat 98 Maastricht.
Marres Currents # 5: I spy, I spy, a little lie is the fifth episode of the annual exhibition series titled Marres Currents. With this series, Marres presents recently graduated artists from art academies in the Southern Netherlands, Belgium, and Western Germany. In doing so, Marres provides a platform for emerging artists and curators, and contributes to an international infrastructure for talent development.
We see, we hear, we read, we exchange
and we get lost.
I spy, I spy a little lie, arose in response to growing frustrations regarding access to information and the valuation of knowledge. Recent events such as the Brexit referendum, undemocratic constitutional referendums in Poland and Turkey, and the presidential election of Donald Trump (which sparked the widespread usage of the term “fake news”) created political turmoil and left the Western world perplexed. We ask: is it still possible to protect the truth in our contemporary democratic society? And, for that matter, has it ever been possible?

Henry Andersen, Felix Breidenbach, Alejandro Cerón, Nicholas Hoffman, Aurélie d'Incau, Jesuus, Tim Löhde, Roxanne Maillet, José Montealegre, Ektor Ntourakos, Johanna Odersky, Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (Gary Farrelly and Chris Dreier), Parasite 2.0, Nadia Perlov, Maria Gil Ulldemolins and Remko Van der Auwera.
Evelyn Simons & Isabel Van Bos 
13 DECEMBER 2017
6-10 PM

6-9 PM:
Colonial Cocktails by Alejandro Cerón
7 PM: Office for Joint Administrative Intelligence (Gary Farrelly and Chris Dreier)
8.30 PM: Word of Daucus, World of Doubt by Nicholas Hoffman
12-5 PM
Marres, House for Contemporary Culture,