The Harun Farocki Institut has invited DAI-tutor and alumna Marianna Maruyama (DAI, 2014) to edit the first edition of “Rosa Mercedes.”

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Rosa Mercedes 01 is designed as an audio edition and will provide commented insights into the discussions at the academy “Farocki Now.”

The temporary academy “Farocki Now,” which was held between October 18 and 21 within the framework of the Harun Farocki Retrospective was, as anticipated, an exciting and intense experiment with different forms and formats which took up and developed questions, themes, and problems contained in Harun Farocki’s work. The first edition of the online journal Rosa Mercedes under the editorial direction of Marianna Maruyama will be devoted to the academy.

Marianna Maruyama uses the body and voice as primary agents in her performance-based practice. Much of her work uses only a few elements – bodies and texts, mostly – but they engage a complex web of relations across geographies, histories, and languages.

Rosa Mercedes 01 will soon be available.