This Time It Is Public: DAI in the Air

DAI at Resonance FM radiostation in London

tag: London

Tuesday September 7th; 19 PM till 20.30 PM

On Tuesday, the 7th of September 2004, the DAI was invited to do a live broadcast in the well-known ‘Clear Sport’ of London’s art radiostation ResonanceFM.
This DAI-ResonanceFM collaboration was co-ordinated by John Heymans, essayist and DAI-mentor, and Knut Aufermann, managing director of ResonanceFM and DAI-guesttutor.
Aufermann is a soundartist and a member of the London Improvising Orchestra as well.

After a short introduction by John Heymans the following DAI-students did a live improvisation with pieces of a London soundscape recorded by minidisks: Sjanet Bijker, Gerco Lindeboom, Paul Segers, Ajla Steinvag and Julian Scaff.

Kodwo Eshun, Rongman Hong, Bruno Anedda and Tracey Prehay.

After this improvised soundscape Kodwo Eshun, essayist and DAI-guesttutor, did a live interview with DAI-students Tracey Prehay, Rongman Hong and Bruno Anedda about their experiences and works during the Big Communication (see, DAI’s five weeks stay in Nanjing (China). The interview was illustrated with soundtracks made in the Nanjing soundworkshop by DAI-guesttutor James Beckett and the Nanjing workshop ‘The Art of the Essay Film’ by DAI-guesttutors Kodwo Eshun and Anjali Sagar. The text of the documentary workshop was published afterwards in DOTDOTDOT 8 (Summer 2004).