2017-2019 Clara Saito (Switzerland/Brazil)


Clara Saito’s BA in Dance and Choreography (School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam) is congruent with her interest in dance and performance as tools to explore and expand the limits of the self, the position of art in our society, and its possibilities to enact effective changes in the world. Her work is usually collaborative, and she has curated events such as Black Circus, an ‘an anarcho-queer cabaret that oscillates between performance and party, and it is organised in alternative social centres’ throughout Europe. Equally interesting is another curated event called The Anarchic Spider-Man (gallery Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam), in which characters such as Spider-Man, a queer acrobat, and a naked Clara abandoned the white cube to run into the streets until they were surrounded by a group of thirty policemen. The ensuing chaos caused by this situation became the base for her reflections on anarchy, freedom, and sustainable practice to be expanded during her research period at the DAI.