October 20: Artist Elke Uitentuis invites us to the opening of home-based restaurant de Vluchtmaat

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"Dear all,

I would like to invite you to the opening of home-based restaurant the Vluchtmaat on the 20th of October.

For this special occasion there will not only be served a delicious Ethiopian meal, but also a mural made by artist Elke Uitentuis will be unveiled and Yonas Berhuna Alemu will perform poems of contemporary Ethiopian poets. Residents of the Vluchtmaat will show you their hospitality and share their love for music with you. It promises to become a very special evening.

Through a donation of minimal €15 pp you can come, eat and drink at our home-based restaurant led by residents and renters of the Vluchtmaat. Delicious Ethiopian meals will be served between 6 pm and 7 pm. If you want to come to eat you are expected to be there at that time. Make a reservation by sending an email to eet@vluchtmaat.nl, so we can guarantee that there will be enough food  and drinks for everyone.

Home-based restaurant the Vluchtmaat will be opening its doors once a month. Donations will be used in support of the residents of the Vluchtmaat.

The Vluchtmaat offers a home for 40 refugees in limbo from Ethiopia and Eritrea. Besides offering a home, the Vluchtmaat also offers workingspaces for artists, entrepreneurs, non profit organizations etc. The rent of the workingspaces covers the monthly fixed costs that the owner of building would otherwise have to pay to give shelter to this group. This form of temporary property guardance is unique and inspiring to all involved. We would like to share our special way of living together, working together and eating together with you.

Be welcome and spread the word!
We hope to see you the 20th of October.

Warm regards,
Elke Uitentuis, renter Vluchtmaat"

Vluchtmaat, Joan Muyskensweg 32, 1114 AN Amsterdam Duivendrecht.