COOP study groups

Six COOP study groups are at the heart of the DAI's curriculum. The COOPs collective enquiry ask for active participation in & productive contributions to, curated, cooperative, un-disciplined, art research trajectories. The COOPs bring makers, researchers, writers and curators together around well-defined and relevant questions and topics.

In the academic year 2019-2020 each DAI-student will join one out of six study groups. This year's study groups are guided by tutorial teams which came into being in response to a commission from the part of DAI: partnering organisations were invited to bring together a tutorial team that acknowledges the hybrid nature of current praxis wherein these roles can easily co-exist in one person or be swapped among the members of a collective or otherwise. 

The 2019-2020 study groups gather for several days during each DAI Week to share research and to develop a group work. Ideally this group work comes into being as an entirely collaborative endeavour, but it may also be the umbrella for more or less individually produced works, carefully brought together by the study group. The outcome of each research trajectory will be shared with the public during  COOP SUMMIT 2020 in August 2020. 

The COOP program co-ordinator is Nikos Doulos.

For the embedding of this course component in the DAI Art Praxis curriculum, you are advised to consult our SYLLABUS 2019 - 2020.