Words Fly, Writing Remains is the title of a paper DAI's associate PhD-researcher David Maroto (DAI, 2013) published in Obieg art magazine.

The future of literature, performance, and the visual arts converge on the emphasis of process over production, and subjectivity over concept. This is, however, not a pious statement about oral literature, but an enquiry into how this eminently immaterial practice must be negotiated to exist in a larger context, that of the artist’s work and its inscription in the world. This paper discusses the recent developments of performative literature in contemporary art. Through the analysis of the work of David Antin, Benjamin Seror, and Alex Cecchetti, it examines how narrative fiction notions are employed to deal with questions of production inherent to contemporary performance.

In the image: David Maroto's drawing based on David Antin's Sky Poem:

If we make it
Or find it
Will they break
In or out of it
Or leave it
As they find it
Strictly alone

(Santa Monica, May 1987)


David Maroto at DAI's Alumni-Embassy