"Savvy Funk" is opening with Rui Vilela (DAI, 2012) among other participating artists.

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Within the framework of Every Time A Ear di Soun, documenta 14, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, and SAVVY Contemporary present SAVVY Funk, a radio project and open archive in the form of a reading and listening room as well as a series of “footnotes” by invited artists.

SAVVY Funk is broadcasting since midnight and remains on air until July 8 on FM 103.0 MHz in Berlin, FM 90.4 MHz in Kassel, SW 15560 kHz, and all over the world on documenta14.de.
Open Gallery and Radio Studio from June 17 to July 8, daily from 9 am–midnight, Plantagenstrasse 31, 13347 Berlin
Opening Party on June 17, 6 pm, SAVVY Contemporary at silent green Kulturquartier, Gerichtstrasse 35, 13347 Berlin
Live on stage: Adespotes Skyles, Satch Hoyt, AGF (Antye Greie-Ripatti), and Mista Wallizz

Participating Artists and Radio Presenters
AGF (Antye Greie-Ripatti), Leo Asemota, Gívan Belá, Alessandro Bosetti, Alberto de Campo, Igor Eskinja, Islands Songs (Silvia Ploner & Nicolas Perret), Tim Etchells, Abrie Fourie (Colonial Neighbours), Dani Gal and Achim Lengerer, Satch Hoyt, Felix Kubin, Brandon LaBelle and Anna Bromley, Missy Magazine (Gina D’Orio & Margarita Tsomou), Mobile Radio (Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann), Nástio Mosquito, Ahmet Öğüt, reboot.fm (Diana McCarty & Pit Schultz), Natascha Sadr Haghighian and Nicholas Bussmann, Saout Radio (Anna Raimondo & Younes Baba-Ali), Rui Vilela, Tito Valery, James Webb
For more information please visit the website of documenta 14.