2015 - Jakarta: Arnhem Transaction Jakarta ~ day to day report (a work in progress)

DAI's academic year 2015-2016 unfurls under the spell of SONSBEEK 2016 - the continuation of a rich tradition of sculpture exhibitions in-and outside the lush Park Sonsbeek in Arnhem, now a public space but formerly a private country estate erected in the 19th century by wealthy colonials, operating as sugar traders from what they dubbed the 'Dutch East Indies'. Today the name of the exhibition's most iconic edition (1971) still resonates: Sonsbeek buiten de Perken ("Sonsbeek beyond lawn and order").

As you may have been informed: editon 2016 is going to be curated by Jakarta based artist collective ruangrupa.The curators have coined their Sonsbeek-edition TRANSACTION ARNHEM whereafter DAI (as 'roaming academy' and self-pronounced 'spaceship' with Arnhem as it's monthly airstrip) decided that if 'transaction' could be understood as decolonial communication and exchange, aiming to affect and jazz up all parties involved, it should, from our part, physically extend to Jakarta as well.

We are now realizing this ambition; in the distressing knowledge that we, as artists, curators, art workers necessarily belong to the 21st century privileged mobile global happy few. The urgent question how to make sense out of this privilege in a time where the majority of the world's population is denied the right to freely cross borders constitutes an innate aspect of our ongoing inquiry as Roaming Academy.

November 9

Departure from Schiphol Airport (the first group of travelers includes most students as well as Jacq van der Spek, Ricardo Liong-a-Kong, Gabriëlle Schleijpen, Jorinde Seijdel and Vivian Ziherl). Later this week the group will be joined by core tutorial team Nick Aikens, Ruth Noack, Fernando Garcia-Dory, Tirdad Zolghadr, Doreen Mende, Bassam El Baroni, Susan Gibb, Jon Mikel Euba, Marina Vishmidt, Rachel O'Reilly and guest lecturer Brett Neilson - they will all travel to Jakarta from alternative airports.

November 10

Expected arrival Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta 11:30 local time. A pre-ordered bus will take us to Central Jakarta. 

All students will be accommodated at the friendly Capsule Hotel Old Batavia, centrally located slightly off Jl.Cikini Raya.

DAI-staff (and later on in the week also Ruth Noack and May Adodol Ingawanij) crash at Shraya Residence, Jl. Surabaya 16, Menteng at 7 minutes walking distance from the Capsule Hotel. 

The other DAI-tutors will all be accommodated by the Ibis Budget Hotel, Cikini Raya at one minute walking distance or so from the Capsule Hotel (just over the road): next door there’s an olympic-size swimming pool, open from early morning until late, with a few poolside cafés, all with WiFi.

T.I.M (Taman Ismail Marzuki) is the most famous art and culture centre in the country. Only a 1 minute walk from Capsule Hotel and Ibis Budget Cikini Raya, this sprawling complex includes various auditoriums, cinemas and theatres. You’ll find performances almost every day at TIM, with everything from traditional Wayang (puppet) shows, to modern music, to Balinese dancing, to art exhibitions. The TIM complex also encompasses the art academy, the Jakarta Institute of Art.

19:00 DAI-evening dinner: Koffie Bakoel, Cikini Raya.

November 11 & 12

Jakarta free style exploration, no DAI-program till the 13th.

Message from Gesya (Jakarta based fine art student, member ruangrupa & local assistant DAI-staff):

TONITE: party with students from the art school at Jaya Pub, Thamrin, Central Jakarta. One of the oldest pubs in Jakarta & TIPS FOR GETTING AROUND: to download from App Store (for iPhone) or Play Store (for Android) for fast, economical, and easy commuting: Gojek is a motorcycle taxi service, which you can order from the app, and track the driver. Every month, they have different promotion prices, ranging from 15.000-25.000 IDR to every destination. Grab Taxi is like Uber Taxi. Here's about Gojek http://www.go-jek.com/
GrabTaxi http://grabtaxi.com/


November 13 ~ DAI

For COOP ACADEMY seminars in Jakarta: 


Practicing with Institutions, Instituting Practice II, with Nick Aikens / Van Abbemuseum: a day with ruangrupa in Jakarta ( including lunch and dinner)

11:00 am at ruangrupa: Timur Dalam Raya No.6 in the part of Jakarta known as Tebet. 

The word 'transaction' is flying around. Transactions between people, places, ideas. As the group 'Practicing with institutions, instituting practice II' is itself transacting with ruangrupa this year, who are transacting with Arnhem, it feels only right that in Jakarta we transact with the collective and their way of working and living.

What forms of instituting take place at the ruangrupa HQ? What forms of practice do they engage with and how do they work with and within institutions? And what, from all of this might be interesting for us to bring back to Arnhem? What do we want from this transaction?

This will be a day of discussions, studio visits with artists, looking around the biennale in its final preparations and a communal dinner at ruangruppa where we will think what we might want to take home - in our pockets, our bags or our heads.


INLAND class at Shraya Residence, Jl. Surabaya 16, Jakarta

11.00-13.30 hrs: Conversation with Irwan Ahmett 

13.30-14.30 hrs: Lunch provided at Shraya Residence

14.30-17.00 hrs: Conversation with Arie Syarifudin  about clay cookies, rural ways of living and working, roof tiles against the fashion industry, collectivity and Jatiwangi Art Factory.

From 16.30 hrs onwards: walk and dinner at surprise location


Publishing Class: Between Animals or Beyond Human Being with Jorinde Seijdel /Open! hosting a guest seminar with

philosopher Etiënne Turpin. Turpin, based in Djakarta, will go into Art in the Anthropocene: Encounters Among Aesthetics,

Politics, Environments and Epistemologies (Open Humanities Press, 2015), that he co-edited with Heather Davis. In order to

prepare the group will read the introduction to this publication titled Art and Death: Lives Between the Fifth Assessment & the

Sixth Extinction. He will also tell about the research program he is directing, PetaJakarta.org

12:00 The group will gather at  Bakoel Koffie (Jl. Cikini Raya 25) and will travel to a Etienne Turpin's office afterwards.

Dinner at surprise location. 

November 14 ~ Jakarta Biennale 2015

Jakarta Biennial 2015 

Gudang Sarinah
Jalan Pancoran Timur II No. 4 Jakarta Selatan

Location: Gudang Sarinah, a simple and large warehouse space, where quite simple building materials are used to create different mini-kampungs where artworks will be shown in clusters. As a visitor, you will find a central area where you can orientate yourself, see some performances or activities and return after visiting one of the mini-kampungs.

16:00 - 20:00 FESTIVE OPENING

With performances by Jakarta Biennale 2015 artists
Agung Kurniawan (Yogyakarta)
Arahmaiani (Yogyakarta)
Etcétera (Buenos Aires, Valparaiso)
Fuady Kelayu (Banda Aceh)
Jonas Sestakresna (Denpasar)
Kolatt (Yangon)
Tisna Sanjaya (Bandung)

Pertunjukan musik
Live music
DJ Irama Nusantara
White Shoes & The Couples Company X Sentimental Moods

November 15 ~ DAI

Today we are at Jl.Cikini Raya 82 in Jakarta, the former residency of Achmed Subardjo, one of the

founding fathers of the Republic of Indonesia, together with Sukarno and Hatta and other compatriots. we are very grateful to the Subardjo-family for opening the doors of this historically relevant house to the DAI and friends.

The Kitchen / Not The Restaurant is a regular component on the DAI's curriculum, for this exceptional occasion we renamed it: The Kitchen/ Tiny Bit The Restaurant. So yes, this time The Kitchen will be open to the public !

A full day of presentations and performances with spoken responses by Mirwan Andan & Ute Meta Bauer

Read more here

Concurrently (exclusively for DAI-students): face to face meetings with COOP- Academy tutors Nick Aikens, Irwan Ahmett and Fernando García-Dory (for Casco / INLAND), Jorinde Seijdel and her guest Etiënne Turpin. With Jorinde Seijdel each student of her Publishing Class-project will discuss their first ideas and proposals for an(image)essay publication.

DINNER 19:00

November 16 ~ Symposium Jakarta Biennale 2015

For the coming days DAI students will attend the Jakarta Symposium MKMK (as part of the Jakarta Biennial 2015)

Monday, Day 1

Itu Bisa Diatur: on cosmopolitan collectivism
10.30 Lecture 1: Nikos Papastergiadis (AU)
11.30 Public session Nikos Papastergiadis
12.00 Lunch break
13.00 Discussion 1:
Eungie Joo (NY)
Reza Afisina (ID)
Zeyno Pekunlu (TR)
Renzo Martens (NL)
Moderator Charles Esche
15.00 Public session Discussion 1
15.30 Ice break
16.00 Lecture 2: Hilmar Farid (ID)
16.30 Public session Hilmar Farid
17.00 Closing statement Charles Esche and farid rakun

November 17 ~ Symposium Jakarta Biennale 2015

5:00 am when all Jakarta's dreamers are still asleep Irwan Ahmett, Tita Salina, Fernando García-Dory and the students of the CASCO-INLAND class embark on a fishing boat to visit Tita's artificial "1001st Island": A mega sea wall is the solution offered by the Indonesian government to prevent floods and, to open new housing areas in Jakarta. It will integrate with seventeen artificial islands from the reclamation. Many people doubt if this gigantic project could solve the urban problems. Yet the Jakartans still struggle with the waste management and polluted water. Together with local fishermen in Muara Angke--soon to get the impact of the project-- Tita collected marine debris and plastic trash in the area then turned them into an artificial island. With the help of a fishermen boat, the island is pulled and placed between the reclamation islands and Thousand Islands. Tita tries to connect the reclamation issue and land used with the waste plagues the sea and the future of traditional fishermen.

Tuesday, Day 2

Mana Bisa Tahan: on inequality and collectivity
10.30 Lecture 3: Claudia Schouten (NL)
11.30 Public session Claudia Schouten
12.00 Lunch break
13.00 Discussion 2:
Muhammad Chora (ID)
Strenkali (ID)
Bik van der Pol (NL)
Lifepatch (ID)
Dieneke Jansen (NZ)
Clara Ianni (BR)
Moderator Mirwan Andan
15.00 Public session Discussion 2
15.30 Ice break
16.00 Lecture 4: Ute Meta Bauer (SG)
16.30 Public session Ute Meta Bauer
17.00 Closing statement Charles Esche and farid rakun

19:30 DAI-diner at Warung Daun, Cikini Raya 26 

November 18 ~ Symposium Jakarta Biennale 2015

Today concurrently, for DAI -students: How To Do Things With Theory ~ one on one meetings with Bassam El Baroni ~ at the Jakarta Biennale Entrance Lobby 

Jakarta Symposium MKMK as part of the Jakarta Biennial 2015

Wednesday, Day 3

Aku Suka Kamu Punya: on activism and collectivism
10.30 Statement 1: Remco de Blaaij (UK)
11.00 Statement 2: Viviana Checchia (UK)
11.30 Statement 3: Etienne Turpin (CA)
12.00 Public session Remco de Blaaij, Viviana Checchia, and Etienne Turpin
12.30 Lunch break
13.30 Discussion 3:
Dan Perjovschi (RO)
Arahmaiani (ID)
Tita Salina (ID)
Grupo Etcetera (AR)
Hendro Wiyanto (ID)
Moderator Enin Supriyanto
15.30 Public session Discussion 3
16.00 Ice break
16.30 Statement 4: Tone Olaf Nielsen (DK)
17.00 Statement 5: Goh Beng Lan (SG)
17.30 Public session Tone Olaf Nielsen and Goh Beng Lan
18.00 Closing statement Charles Esche and farid rakun

Location, Location, Location : seminar at Koffie Bakoel, Cikini Raya in Jakarta with Hilmar Farid - discussing the complex legacy of the Bandung Conference 1955 in light of the independence movement as well as the New Order regime. 


November 19 ~ Symposium Jakarta Biennale 2015

Today concurrently, for DAI-students: How To Do Things With Theory ~ seminar Bassam El Baroni ~ location: the smoke free area of the cafe at Cemara 6 Galeri

Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto No.9-11, Menteng, Jakarta 
+62 21 3911823

10 am - tour around the Cemara 6 Galeri ( please be there on time) 
11 am - 15.30   Bassam's seminar                                                                                                                          13 pm - Lunch provided by Cemara 6 

Jakarta Symposium MKMK as part of the Jakarta Biennial 2015

Day 4

Thursday, 19 November 2015
Makin Lama Makin Asyik: on art, history, and collectivity

13.00 Statement 6: David Teh (SG)
13.45 Statement 7: Hafiz (ID)
14.30 Public session David Teh and Hafiz
15.00 Ice break
15.30 Discussion 4:
Tisna Sanjaya (ID)
Bamboo Curtain (TW)
Richard Bell (AU)
Cooperativa Crater Invertido (MX)
Bik van der Pol (NL)
Moderator Thomas Berghuis
17.30 Public session Diskusi 4
18.00 Dinner break
19.00 Lecture 5: Melani Budianta (ID)
19.30 Public session Melani Budianta
20.00 Closing statement Charles Esche and farid rakun

November 20 ~ DAI

Kick-off three ROAMING ACADEMY projects


Non-transmittable Form? 

Meeting with artist Ardi Gunawan followed by watercolor drawing in the streets of Menteng together with Ardi and  Ruth Noack. 

Ruth Noack, Sebastian De Line and David Berge meet with the renowned artist and Prince Claus Awardee 2014 FX Harsono to talk about his work, in particular around his research about the mass graves of Chinese in Indonesia. Brief recap from Sebastian: "FX Harsono talked about a work he made about a series of graves me researched where Chinese were murdered and buried in mass, throughout east and central Java. He is still researching the west part of the island. He did a private performance without an audience and filmed it, taking rubbings of the graves. He also built a large installation about it using artifacts and various documents he received from the Netherlands". http://fxharsono.com/videowork_view-karya_fx_harsono.php

Class discussion

DAI diner at restaurant Bumbu Desa, Jl Cikini Raya.


Location, Location, Location 

Visit to National Monument (Monas) in Jakarta - open air museological discussion over coconuts led by Tirdad Zolghadr and Doreen Mende. 

DAI diner at restaurant Bumbu Desa, Jl Cikini Raya. 



8:00 departure bus  to Tanakita - camp in Sukabumi 

Students of If I Can't Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution's course ACTION UNITES, WORDS DIVIDE are spending ten days at Tanakita Camping Ground in Sukabumi, Indonesia with their artist-tutor Jon Mikel Euba and If I Can’t Dance curator Susan Gibb. Located 100 kilometers from Jakarta on the edge of Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, the camp and its surrounding rainforest will provide the backdrop for an intensive workshop.

At Tanakita the group will commence collective exercises with Euba that are based around texts he has produced through a methodology of writing, which he has been pursuing over the past five years to think through modes and methods of art production.

Day- program: overview of approach to the week with the Action Unites group by Jon Mikel Euba and Susan Gibb ~  diner ~ performance by local musicians

November 21 ~ DAI



Non-transmittable Form? 

Gathering at Forum Lenteng. Yuki Adita and other members of Forum Lenteng joined us for a talk by Syafiatudina. She presented us with her reflections on her curatorial residency at Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt as well as her practice at Kunci in Yogyakarta.

Informal conversations with Forum Lenteng members, e.g. Manshur Zikri, editor-in-chief of akumassa.org

Class discussions before we split up next day.


Location, Location, Location 

Train to Bandung. Students stay at the Garden Youth Hostel in Bandung.

~ DAI diner



Tanakita - camp in Sukabumi ~ yoga ~ introduction to Tanakita, the surrounding villages and Gede Pangrango National Park by Isep Kurnia ~ group reading of Jon Mikel Euba’s text Scouting for Locations ~ group worshop in body weather technique led by Astarti Athanasiadou ~ one-on-one meetings with Martha Jager, Jammie Nicholas, Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos, Giulia Crispiani ~ DAI diner ~ performance by local musician and dancers

November 22 ~ DAI



Non-transmittable Form?   Jakarta at large with Ardi Gunawan (Xiyun Dai, Avan Omar Muhammad, Peter Sattler,  Valentina Miorandi, Wei Hu, Florencia Almirón, David Bergé) ~ DAI diner

The larger group divided into fours:

a. Ardi Gunawan & the 'water colour group' will settle for the day at Ragunan Zoo and Stadium Lebak Bulus, Hu Wei and Peter Sattler went to an old football stadium in the South of Jakarta (after the Zoo).

b. Pilar Mata Dupont and Ruth Noack spent their day at Arkipel/Forum Lenteng watching movies and having conversations. Meeting with Hafiz, one of the founders of Forum Lenteng, and with the director of OK Festival about media literacy, media activism, Forum Lenteng strageties and aims, the Jakarta Biennale history and the Sinemathek of Indonesia. Ruth also talked to Gavin Clarke, who has been revamping the Image Festival in Denmark and was traveling with a group of members of Danish art institutions.

c. Maja Renn, Helen Zeru, Sebastian De Line, Nil Ilkbasaran, Isabelle Sully will team up with Grace Samboh at Jatiwangi Art Factory where they will be accommodated for the upcoming days. They went on a walk to the paddy fields with Dika, Gory and Uhuma to see where the clay is sourced ~ did water colours with locals.

d. Avan Omar Mohammad went around Jakarta with some students of the film school including Aysia (visited a village park, went to a wedding)


Location, Location, Location  

Thanks to Mirwan Andan, whose support and input made the whole trip twice as worthwhile, we have an amazing opportunity to meet the "Kampung Kreatif” collective ( a collective reinventing the Creative Bandung premise) from the bottom up in Dago Pojok at 10AM.

Face to face meetings & evening session with Doreen Mende: Deep Time



Tanakita - camp in Sukabumi ~ yoga ~ group hike through Tanakita camping group and Gede Pangrango National Park ~ one-on-one meetings with Maike Hemmers, Kristinn Guðmundsson, Larose, Joy M. Smith ~ DAI diner

November 23 ~ DAI



Non-transmittable Form? 

Jakarta group:

Morning: meeting at Erudio School of Art (ESoA) in Cilandak Barak, Jakarta with Marda Yuantika Haninggarjati (principal), Angelia B. Diajeng (vice principal), teachers and highschool students and David Berge, Peter Sattler and Ruth Noack, to talk about their concept of an art highschool and compare it with the DAI. The directors are interested in exchange.

Pilar went to Arkipel and stayed there all day, also taking in the public screening of Alfred Hitchcock's Rope, plus discussion afterward.

Afternoon: meeting of the group at Ardi Gunawan's mothers's small business. P.Linghan is producing children's rocking horses and selling them wholesale. She built this business from scratch.

Group discussion

Visit of group to Blok M Pasar (market) to see embroidery machines. This experience was enlightening and confusing. The group dispersed and some people got lost. It took several hours to reassemble.

After dinner, group discussion and film clip screenings at the Old Batavia Capsule Hostel.

As always, taxi conversations were most essential to the working process.


Went on a tour to a number of tile factories with Grace and Ilan

Visited the site for the Tile Museum and hung out at the Water Park

Seb had a watercolour class with some local school kids

The group, Dika and Grace had a big discussion group surrounding the course question at night time


Pilar at Forum Lenteng watching films from the archive. in evening Film screening and discussion with Forum Lenten of Hitchcock’s ‘Rope’.

visit ERUDIO art school (peter, ruth, david), met students from 1st, 2nd, 3rd year, conversation with principals

Went to visit Ardi’s mother’s (name?) business - Ruth bought an elephant rocking horse from her


block M Square shopping mall, combination of books and clothes, Ruth bought fabric presentation

snacks and drinks and more watercolours at japanese indonesian fusion restaurant


Location, Location, Location

11am Guided tour of Asia-African Conference Museum in Bandung with Tia Sundari, press officer.

Followed by an urban walk with architectural historian Mohamad Nanda Widyarta, including the abanoned ruins of the Swarha Hotel. 

Face to face meetings



Tanakita - camp in Sukabumi ~ yoga ~ group bamboo building workshop about traditional and experimental architecture with Isep Kurnia ~ one-on-one meetings with Astarti Athanasiadou, Melissa Tun Tun, Hannah Kindler, Dimitra Kondylatou ~ DAI diner

November 24 ~ DAI



Non-transmittable Form?

Meeting of the Jakarta group at the Textile Museum (except for Pilar Mata Dupont who will be at Arkipel again and Avan Omar Mohammad (who will meet up with her new friends at the art school) 


Group went to Batik Museum and Elephant museum and SENEN shoppingmall where Ardi did a project last year

Pilar and Florencia at Forum Lenteng watching films from the archive

Group dinner at collector Wiyu Wahono house


The group went to a tile factory to use the facilities and work with clay

Went to visit an exhibition that Grace organised at an old tile factory

Once back at JAF we set up work spaces and started to make things

Seb and Maja did water colours with children


Location, Location, Location

Bandung ~ DAI diner



Tanakita - camp in Sukabumi ~ yoga ~ day long marathon reading and translating collected Jakarta locations in different media 150 times ~ one-on-one meeting by request ~ DAI diner

November 25 ~ DAI



Non-transmittable Form? 


The group worked on their individual projects

At night we all made music with a local band called The Clay People


david and ruth meet Helly Minarti, jakarta based freelance curator and jakarta arts council

Hui Wei and Peter went to Block M mall to get fabric embroided

Group met a Forum Lenteng in the evening for a lecture from Ruth and performance by Avan

Pilar and Florencia spent the day at Forum Lenteng

Jakarta: 19:00 Talk Ruth Noack at Forum Lenteng


Location, Location, Location:

Bandung: seminar sessions with Doreen Mende & Tirdad Zolghadr: political polarities of Bandung 55.



Tanakita - camp in Sukabumi ~ yoga ~ screening and discussion of video works by Jon Mikel Euba utilising his technique for working with locals in locations by avoiding common places ~ one-on-one meetings with Mathilde Sauzet Mattei, Malcolm Kratz ~ batik workshop ~ DAI diner

November 26 ~ DAI



Non-transmittable Form? 

Pilar Mata Dupont , Xiyun Dai, Avan Omar Muhammad, Peter Sattler, Valentina Miorandi, Wei Hu, Florencia Almirón, David Bergé, Ruth Noack and May Adadol Ingawanij all travel to Jatiwangi Art Factory where they will join Maja Renn, Helen Zeru, Sebastian De Line, Nil Ilkbasaran, Isabelle Sully as well as Grace Samboh ~ DAI-dinner

Jakarta group meets Jatiwangi group at Jatiwangi Art Factory

Together the two groups work on presentation at Ginghi’s house

Return to Jatiwangi for singing with the band


Location, Location, Location:

Morning visit to tea plantation with Flora Woudstra & guests

Afternoon session with Tirdad: debriefing and laying the ground for Jakarta presentation.



Tanakita - camp in Sukabumi ~ yoga ~ group workshop on sound performed in the rainforest of Tanakita, and titled ‘Reopening instruments of perception: Fake Deposits’ led by Jon Mikel Euba with the assistance of Astarti Athanasiadou and Melissa Tun Tun ~ group workshop to develop group presentation for MKMK in Jakarta ~ one-on-one meeting by request ~ DAI diner

November 27 ~ DAI



Non-transmittable Form? ~ Jatiwangi Art Factory

Some of the group visit the Batik Museum in Jatiwangi in the morning

Over lunch the group gathers to discuss the presentation

Group spends the afternoon at the water Park

The Art Factory hosts a concert at night as part of the Ceramic Music Festival

~ DAI-dinner


Location, Location, Location

Day-trip to the Tangkuban Prahu volcano



Tanakita - camp in Sukabumi ~ yoga ~ group workshop titled ‘Concerns Tanakita: The Material is Me’ ~ group workshop to finalise group presentation for MKMK in Jakarta ~ one-on-one meeting by request ~ DAI diner 

November 28 ~ DAI


Jatiwangi: Group presents to friends and artists at Jatiwangi Art Factory

All DAI-students & Roaming Academy-tutors (Doreen Mende, Tirdad Zolghadr, Jon Mikel Euba, Susan Gibb, Ruth Noack and May Adaddol Ingawanij) will return to Jakarta, by car, bus and by train. 

In the evening there all will be re-united by means of a a communal DAI-dinner. 

19:30 DAI-dinner at Mme Ching's. Jl. Surabaya

November 29 & November 30 

Wrap up- presentations at the Jakarta Biennale 2015

Read more on the Roaming Academy & Maju Kena Mundur Kena~student presentations

Read more on the seminar Poetics and Infrastructures of Political Form,

Read more on Brett Neilson's talk: From Warehouse to Datacentre: Contours of Extraction, Finance and Logistics

On both days the presentations will be followed by vegan dinner for all participants ( at  Gudang Sarinah). 

Concurrently from 11:00 onward: How To Do Things With Theory ~ one on one meetings DAI-students with Rachel O'Reilly and Marina Vishmidt.

Farewell Jakarta / See You In Arnhem-party 

November 30 21:00  Jaya Pub, Jl. MH Thamrin No. 12, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 

with DJ Spilulu &

Oomleo berkaraoke

This pixel artist named Narpati Awangga joined ruangrupa in early 2000; and became actively engaged in art, hard and soft ware technics, graphic and web designs, multimedia art, radio announcing, music, illustrations, comics, writing, curating, karaoke events, MC-ing, hairstyling, DJ- ing, and acting. After successfully enlivened one event with his self-arranged karaoke, he became a sought after capital city karaoke expert. He is also a member of the electronic band “Goodnight Electric”.

Oomleo berkaraoke

December 1

Flight departure by GA 88 etd : 23.10 PM - departure from Old Batavia Capsule hostel 05.30 pm