Open! Platform for Art, Culture and the Public Domain (online) ~ Partner from 2014 till 2021

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is an online international publishing platform that fosters and disseminates experimental knowledge on art, culture and the public domain. It is the digital continuation of the printed journal Open. Cahier on Art & the Public Domain(2004-2012). Open!explores the changing conditions of the public domain and new viewpoints on publicness from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives within art and theory. The platform reflects on our current notions of the commons, ownership and power relationships, and explores the consequences of privatization, mediatization and globalization processes on our social and cultural practices. Open! works with theorists, artists and designers who contribute to the creation of an experimental and critical body of thought within a globalized digital knowledge space. The site wants to offer a living archive and an inspirational knowledge environment for publishing, researching and reading online. It addresses a global community of peers:artists, theorists and researchers, curators, art and theory students, and activists.

Open! @DAI:

'did you feel it?' a symposium on digital interfaces and their affect