2008-2010 Veridiana Zurita

Veridiana Zurita (São Paulo, BR – 1982) is an artist working and living in Brussels, Belgium. Within performance, video and text she focuses on the creation of work, as the one of exercising dynamics of relation between self and other. Through language, physicality and image as constitutive elements for identifying oneself, she focuses the work on creating distances and approximations among these structures as possibilities of voicing.
After graduating in Communication on the Body Arts (São Paulo - BR), Veridiana moved to Europe for a master study at the Dutch Art Institute, followed by a post-master on artistic research at a.pass in Brussels.

Veridiana is currently working as an associate researcher at the research centre of a.pass where she develops the transnational project TV-TV in collaboration with the psychiatric hospital Guislain (Ghent-BE), Working Space Brussels (BE) and the cultural house Casa do Rio (Manaus – BR).



Veridiana at DAI:

Guest performer 2013-2014 at the symposium "did you feel it?" 

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