On Wednesday the 24th of April, starting at 7pm Rongwrong would like to invite you for a casual evening of knowledge sharing: Slide Night with Vivian Ziherl on Curatorial Research in Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.

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For this mid-week event, curator and researcher Vivian Ziherl talks about her recent curatorial research. Specifically, she shares images and experiences from her self-initiated travel in Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, undertaken together with curator and director Cosmin Costinas ( Director ParaSite, Hong Kong).
Over the course of the evening, Ziherl offers a two-part presentation in which she shares stories and images of meeting artists, scholars, poets, museum and art-school professionals, as well as practitioners and knowledge-holders of heritage arts such as bark-cloth; Masi in Fiji, Ngatu in Tonga, and Siapo in Samoa.
The presentation opens up reflections on the rich and vivid forms of art practiced in these Oceanic countries. The presentation embraces the necessity for contemporary arts and cultural heritage to be grasped together in order to appreciate their extraordinary beauty and significance as expressions of sovereign, indigenous modernities. In the informal and intimate setting of a 'slide night' the evening doesn’t seek to frame expertise—but rather a sharing of interest, an acknowledgment of the limits of one’s knowledge, and a warm welcome towards questions and conversation. 

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