2018 - 2020 Lea Rüegg (Switzerland)

Lea Rüegg’s interest is in questioning existing concepts of success and value in art. One strategy to avoid the competition in the art market and every other work environment is to collaborate with others. This reflection is proof of her intelligent understanding of the professional environment art practitioners must deal with, and an adequate and positive response to it. Lea has an acute perception about how value is produced in the art world and the power dynamics that govern it, and her work engages in an original and brave manner with these dynamics. Her graduation piece at Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst (Basel), in collaboration with Raphaela Grolimund, called We About Art, perfectly addresses how the intrastories that configure the reality of the art world are rarely committed to writing, which is why she created an audio tour of the work of her fellow students. More recently, she has been part of a collaborative project, a music band called Oppressed by Privilege / Privileged by Oppression that performed a concert at Kunsthalle Basel, resulting in the release of a vinyl record and the formation of a feminist network that continues well beyond this project. Lea is also co-founder of the artist-run space BIKINI and member of the BIKINI-Collective, which organised several exhibitions, concerts, and performances in 2017–19.