2018 - 2020 Nine Postma (The Netherlands)

Nine Postma’s practice experiments with storytelling and the use of different tools and formats to do so; sometimes mediated by digital technology (as in the interactive narrative Click Through Story), some other times in multimedia installations such as Presence/Absence. She picks up overheard conversations in her environment, whether overheard at school, or a drunken conversation in a train, and uses them as the base of her performances (e.g. Over Zekerheid en Waarheid). In his statement, artist, writer, and director of the performance group Forced Entertainment Tim Etchells describes a practice that ‘shifts from performance to visual art and fiction and concerns itself with questions of contemporary identity and urban experience, exploring contradictory aspects of language in playful and poetic ways’. These words resonate with and could be applicable to define Nine’s practice. Her work is preoccupied with regaining the attention of an audience that is used to spend a short time in contact with the artworks in a conventional exhibition setting, and how to create an effective immersive experience beyond the mere appeal to the viewer’s rationale, are some of the questions that Nine’s research will examine during her enrolment at DAI.