Breakdown of control

An evening of ideas, discussions, presentations and more, on the topic of, The breakdown of control and surveillance situations - Detroit, The Netherlands and Karachi for example.

From the viewpoints of technology, art and self-organising. Rob van Kranenburg will discuss `The breakdown of control and surveillance situations, Police 3.0, the Facebook Generation and Garbage 3.0... What doesit mean?´ Suzanne Hogendoorn with a small presentation compiled around the mirror that the global south mega-cities hold up for us to imagine the future of our own mega-cities in terms of self-organisation.

Current DAI student Jimini Hignett with a presentation, centering around the abandoned police station in Detroit, from the angle of her ongoing theme of `How to make art when everything is fucked up?´

Location: OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam, at 20:00

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