Writing Out Loud is a publication that brings together the transcriptions of eight lectures by the artist Jon Mikel Euba that were live translated from Spanish to English during the course Action unites, words divide (On praxis, an unstated theory) at the DAI. The lectures were delivered across the academic year 2014 – 2015 at the invitation of If I Can’t Dance. They sit within a larger writing-centred project by the artist that he has pursued for almost a decade, through which he aims to define a form of praxis that could evolve into a technical theory.

Euba’s writing-centred project stems from his disengaged relation to writing as a set of conventions, which emerge from his need to liberate himself from any fidelity to the written form, and through which he articulates a resistance by adopting a performative approach. Through his writing he works not to achieve a refined literary or essayistic outcome, but rather writes from his position as an artist I order to produce and communicate a methodology firmly situated in artistic practice. Euba’s writings are written as scores to perform, with each beginning as notes, which are further elaborated through a process intimately linked to the act of reading out loud in front of others.

To celebrate the launch of the book, Jon Mikel Euba will deliver a lecture in the library of Artis, which will serve as an introduction to his writing project.

Writing Out Loud is presented in partnership between the DAI and IICD as part of If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolutions Edition VI – Event and Duration Finale (2015-2016)

Writing Out Loud

Jon Mikel Euba

Editor: Susan Gibb

Publisher: DAI and If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution 2016

ISBN: 978-94-92139-08-5

Price: €18

With thanks to Aitor Arauz, Philip Baber, Tanja Baudoin, Txomin Badiola, Frédérique Bergholtz, Yael Davids, Miren Jaio, Asier Mendizabal, Itziar Okariz, Jon Otamendi, Cecilia Paladino, Gabriëlle Schleijpen and the students of Action unites, words divide (On praxis, an unstated theory)2014-2016: Astarti Athanasiadou, Maria Barlasov, Michelle Browne, Giulia Crispiani, Charlie Dance, Kristinn Guðmundsson, Maike Hemmers, Martha Jager, Hannah Kindler, Dimitra Kondylatou, Malcolm Kratz, larose, Jammie Nicholas, Panagiotis Panagiotakopoulos, Marie-Andrée Pellerin, Mathilde Sauzet, Joy M. Smith, Malina Suliman and Melissa Tun Tun.

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