2016-2018 Sanne Kabalt (Netherlands)


Sanne primarily works with photography, and she does it in a way that tends to emphasise the importance of her creative process in some of her pieces. The exposure of such process, which reveals the intersubjective relationships she establishes in order to produce her work, is the exposure of a certain vulnerability, which disavows artistic pretension in order to embrace an honest conception of being an artist. It makes sense, then, that in her recent projects she tries to elicit an empathic response in the spectator through a careful disposition of images and text. The appeal for imagination and the visibility of the creative process are two interesting strands present in Sanne’s work, yet not fully explored as necessary notions per se. She might therefore investigate their potential to become part of her artistic discourse. These are encouraging signs of possibility to be researched during a productive period at DAI.