2016-2018 Luca Carboni (Italy)


Luca’s interest in the crossover between the visual arts and graphic design is mainly fuelled by the possibilities of publishing and distribution in the public realm. This includes, but is not limited to, leaflets, posters and postcards. The use of strategies of communication is aimed at triggering a critical response. Communication is inextricably linked with the idea of community, be it local (Sardinia) or international (the European Union), but always with a focus on how the formation of social groups risks to be co-opted by capitalist dynamics. Sometimes it is about cultural capitalism and its lethal effects on local communities, some other times about the impact of global market on unemployment, emigration and political struggle. Luca’s research tries to define forms of alternative engagement with the cultural productive tools at our disposal. An ambitious enterprise that is finding its continuation in the academic frame of DAI.