Walk from the DAI to the Ruruhuis: Paths and Spices: Hosting and Guesting in Arnhem.

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Friday June 3 

20:00 - 20:30 and beyond - departure point:  DAI, Kortestraat 27 from where we will walk to ruru huis

What are we making - or unmaking - during our time together? Are we instituting or de-instituting ourselves?

Ingingo y’ijambo iva mw'ijigo: thinking takes place as we drink together - or so a Rwandan proverb goes. Another says: when there is neither selfishness nor hatred, a rabbit’s skin is enough as a bed for two. While we feel uneasy with the righteousness of these winged words, we nevertheless invite you to join us and contemplate our twinned roles as host and guest in Arnhem.

Questions await and we may find answers along the way. In passing from the DAI to the ruru huis (and back, perhaps or continuing elsewhere) we will discover the role of a pineapple in these alternations; we will see the reading of a ventriloquist, a trace of a colour that does not exist and a host of other acts and images which resist wording. These encounters are in the form of an in-formal presentation between the DAI and the ruru huis, where we have been intermittent guests for the past year. Drinks will be served and a barbecue will be prepared by our friends Yoeri and Rei ( both DAI, 2013).

The evening takes place in the context of the Van Abbe's Co-op Academy Practicing with Institutions, Instituting Practice, led by Nick Aikens with guest tutor Christian Nyampeta. The course seminars have been held at ruru huis.