id11 in cooperation with artists initiative STeC is working on the realization of the project FLAT_land. Gradually artists and art take possession of the two slowly abandoned flats and eventually they will be demolished for a newly build flat.

The artists and art will present themselves at `bij wijze van SPREKEN´ and during the _galerij_loop_04___ on Sunday afternoon August 2nd at 1pm. Participating artists are Allison Nichol (ca), DAI alumnus Hidenori Mitsue (jp), Jasmine Ellis (ca), Lisa van Bommel (de), Merryn Kritzinger (ca), DAI alumnus Jolanda Jansen (nl), Matthijs Kiel (nl), Myrthe Rootsaert (nl), Nina Gloudemans (nl) and Viola Onderdelinden (nl).

Starting location is projectbureau Poptahof at Poptahof Noord 1, Delft, the Netherlands at 1pm.

The exhibited works are only to be seen on Sunday August 2nd till 5pm. FLAT_land: http://www.stichting-stec.nl/flatlanndsite.html