Cara Tolmie ~ 'The boss’ mouth is open in a scream – I will sing sweat, tears and goose-bumps'

What are we each able to put at stake when we define our actions as performance and who or what grants us that ability? What does the amplification of our skin, our touch, our timbre, our tone and our skill produce? What affective economies stick to this situation we name performance?

For this presentation Cara Tolmie will attempt to probe some of these initial questions through the distinct qualities of her own presence, skill and knowledge within the room - acknowledging these factors as her chosen scales of measurement within this category of ‘performance’.

Through situating these enquiries specifically within the context of the singing voice she will expand to explore further propositions such as: How can I begin to quantify the slippery affective value that I believe singing and songs carry within them? How can the affective potential of a song be perceived as being both universal and unique? When an artist or someone in their bedroom does a cover or a remix what new value/capacity/potential, if any, is added to the song? Is this addition directly related to the performers own ‘unique skill’? What species of measurement is ‘unique skill’ and what systems of power profit from the current tyranny of this scale?