DADA Diner

Performances, installations, photographs, lectures, sound, writings and more to discover on the walls and in the moment. With the artists: Johanna de Schipper (Netherlands), Sander van Wettum (Netherlands), Chelle Reyes (England), Christoph-Both Asmus (Germany), Frank von Dada (Switzerland), Kelly Kerssens (Netherlands); and DAI alumni Suzanne van Rest (Netherlands), Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio (Dominican Republic); and current DAI students Ruben van Klaveren (Netherlands), Amanda Koelman (Netherlands), Julio Pastor (Mexico), Lado Darakhvelidze (Georgia)and Omar Koubaa (Netherlands).

Organised by DAI alumnus Kevin Immanuel (Canada), coordinated with Joop Stoop (Netherlands) and Lieke Wagemaker (Netherlands), assisted by curator Emilie Oursel (France/Netherlands), in collaboration with Dada words.

DADA Diner on October 17 Saturday 2009; for reservations contact Joop Stoop (

Gallery Rc de Ruimte, J.P. Coenstraat 51-55, 1972 AP Ijmuiden,

Kevin Immanuel