DAI-dinner in Jakarta tonight / 28 November 2015

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Welcome back to the Big Durian ! 

Some household messages:

Tonight from 7.30 onward we have booked the lounge at Madame Ching's, Jl.Surabaya 24 ( two doors away from Shraya Residency where Ruth, Ricardo and Gabriëlle are staying) it is a max 10 minute walk from the Old Batavia Capsule hostel or the Ibis Hotel. 

Everybody can order food (up to 70.000 ) plus one drink.

If you have more drinks or food you will have to pay for yourself. 

We hope the vegans and vegetarians can forgive us for this, not so very responsible move, as we have opted for cosy, rather then veg. Sorry to let you know there is only one vegan option - french fries or rice with Saigon Salad WITHOUT MEATBALLS OR SHRIMPS OR CHICKEN ( this has to be clearly mentioned !!). The restaurant caters for many expats and the salad has been carefully washed in 'sterile' water. The french fries are globalized french fries.. 

There is only one vegetarian option: Veggie Sandwich with vegetables & omelette ( if you wish you can ask if they can put the omelette next to the sandwich - instead of IN it. 

For the others: there are several fish, shrimp as well as chicken options next to meatball spaghetti and other politically incorrect stuff. 

We can recommend Mme Ching's fried rice as well as the noodle soups. 


We count on your presence for both November 29 and November 30 ! The full program is published in the day to day program.

Taxi's can be ordered again from the hostel-counter, also for tutors. DAI will pay for the costs afterwards. At the end of both days we will do the same for the rides back to Jl. Cikini Raya. 


thank you and see you at Mme Ching

The DAI-team