Arie Syariefudin

Arie Syariefudin (1985, Indonesia) a.k.a. Alghorie is a cross-disciplinary artist working in the fields of community-based projects, visual art, and music. He is part of Jatiwangi Art Factory in the city of Jatiwangi in West Java, which is Indonesia’s roof tile manufacturing centre. Jatiwangi Art Factory focuses on discourses about local rural life through arts and cultural activities such as festivals, visual art, music, artists in residence, monthly discussions, radio broadcast and education. Syarifuddin’s main interest is the dynamics of community behaviour in a rural-urban context. Since 2012, Ghorie has also been involved in Log Out Corps, an anonymous collective to interrupt people’s daily habits by offering tactical ways which are energetic, mischievous, spontaneous, with an ironic sense of humor.