2015 Thursday April 23 at 20:00 ~ The Sonsbeek Series ~ Session Nr.5: an open conversation between artist collectives ruangrupa from Jakarta (curator SONSBEEK 2016) and Cráter Invertido from Mexico City, Arts Collaboratory, KUNCI from Yogjakarta, DAI students and everybody else who wants to join in.

tag: Arnhem

Public Event - entrance free

Location: DAI's auditorium

Kortestraat 27, Arnhem 

* The Sonsbeek Series: Session Nr.5: a gathering and open conversation between artist collectives ruangrupa from Jakarta (Sonsbeek 2016 curator), Cooperativa Cráter Invertido from Mexico City, KUNCI ~ Cultural Studies Center (Yogyakarta), Arts Collaboratory (platform for transnational exchange and cooperation), Stichting Doen, Hivos, Casco, DAI-students and anybody else who wants to join in. 

Prior to this DAI-week, between April 12 and 19, 2015 the Arts Collaboratories 2nd Assembly took place in Dakar in Senegal. It followed the enriching and mind opening 1st Assembly in Indonesia in May 2014. The Dakar Assembly was co-hosted by two Arts Collaboratory participants based in Dakar: Kër Thiossane and Raw Material Company. During a week of encounters the participating organizations explored future plans and actions in developing four collaborative projects conceived during the 1st Assembly in Indonesia that address alternative pedagogy, notions of utopia, lobbying practices, and organizing a co-contributing film festival. 

The public part of the Assembly had the form of a conference: Commons, Networks, and Models of Alternative Organizations in Culture. With the bankruptcy of neoliberal forms of organization, management, financing, and social relations, new movements and models in these areas are emerging. During this conference the Assembly took the opportunity to open up discussions to the public, with Arts Collaboratory participants including Cráter Invertido (Mexico City), Kër Thiossane (Dakar), and KUNCI Cultural Studies Center (Yogyakarta) sharing their ongoing commoning practices that provide alternative models. 

Thursday April 23, the DAI's welcome ruangrupa, Cráter Invertido and Arts Collaboratory to report on the Assembly and together with the DAI-students and anybody else who wants to join in, we will ask if and how 'Sonsbeek 2016' can contribute to these highly valid discussions and practices. 





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