2015 - São Paulo: a roaming workshop as part of the year long course To Make A Work~Molecular Revolutions.

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City-walks, cooking sessions, classes and workshops in collaboration with Casa do Povo and the Nucleo of Subjectivity at PUC. Core tutors: Yael Davids, Wanderley dos Santos and Grant Watson ( project-curator) 

Participating students

DAI: Jan Adriaans, Julieta Aguinaco, Katia Barrett, Ben Burtenshaw, Eduardo Cachucho, Sebastian De Line, Sarah Demoen, Coco Duivenvoorde, Katja den Dulk, Bryony Gillard, Monique Hendriksen, Nil Ilkbasaran, Eona McCallum, Avan Omar Muhammad, Maja Renn, Aarti Sunder and Savannah Theis.

Guest student from the Werkplaats Typografie: Ivan Martinez Lopez

Guest tutored by Suely Rolnik, Peter Pál Pelbart, Paula Cheiffi, Amilcar Packer, Max J. Hinderer, Manuela Moscoso and Benjamin Seroussi.

An important starting point for this workshop as part of the ongoing project TO MAKE A WORK was the book Molecular Revolutions in Brazil by Suely Rolnik and Felix Guattari, and the question how it can be understood in terms of contemporary culture and politics. Read more about the conceptual context of TO MAKE A WORK ~ Molecular Revolutions

About the tutors in São Paulo

Suely Rolnik is a psychoanalyst, critical theorist, curator and professor at the Nucleo of Subjectivity at PUC in São Paulo, whose current work is concerned with the decolonization of thought in contemporary Brazil.

Peter Pál Pelbart is a professor of philosophy in the same department and facilitator of Ueinzz a theatre group with schizophrenic participants, his current work is on questions of the emergence of a new politics of protest in Brazil.

Paula Chieffi is psychologist who is researching practices of listening in the context of education and clinical work.

Benjamin Seroussi, curator and cultural manager at Casa do Povo, political and cultural institution in the neighborhood of Bom Retiro in São Paulo, aimed at enforcing and channeling the power of the public.

Manuela Moscoso is an Ecuadorian curator based in São Paulo.

Amilcar Packer was born in Chile and has moved to Brazil in 1982.
He graduated in Philosophy from the University of São Paulo, and carries a practice in which he shifts, subverts and re-contextualizes everyday objects, architecture and the human body in actions often performed by the artist and usually presented in photographs, videos and installations.

Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz is a writer, researcher, and editor based in São Paulo. Together with Suely Rolnik, Amilcar Packer, and Pedro Cesarino, he is program coordinator of P.A.C.A. (Program for Autonomous Cultural Action São Paulo).

Program in Sao Paulo

Saturday March 21 – arrival in Sao Paulo

Sunday March 22 - visit house of curator Manuela Moscoso

Monday March 23 – visit Casa do Povo and field trips in Sao Paulo organised by Wanderley dos Santos

Tuesday March 24 – studio time at Casa do Povo – talk and tour by Benjamin Seroussi

Wednesday March 25 – studio time Casa do Povo, seminar with Wanderley dos Santos and Paula Chieffi

Visit: Ueinzz Theatre Company

Thursday March 26 – studio time at Casa do Povo, seminar with Suely Rolnik at Casa do Povo

Friday March 27 – studio time at Casa do Povo, seminar with Peter Pal Pelbert at Casa do Povo

Saturday March 28 student studio time at Casa do Povo, seminar Molecular Revolutions in Brazil with Amilcar Packer and Max J. Hinderer at Casa do Povo. Trip to see Ueinzz theatre performance

Sunday March 29 – DAI's public presentation at Casa do Povo. Trip to see Breakdance performers

Sao Paulo city walk with Wanderley 

Wanderley's seminar at Casa do Povo