Wednesday February 25 at 20:00 ~ Anachoresis, Or, How To Become What We Are, a presentation by artist, researcher Christian Nyampeta.

tag: Arnhem

Location: DAI's auditorium Kortestraat 27, Arnhem

This audio visual presentation takes a film interview between the Rwandan philosopher Dr Isaïe Nzeyimana (University of Rwanda) and Dr Jean-Paul Martinon (Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths) as its starting point. Speaking on the subject of how to live together in the wake of sense-numbing violence, an attempt will be made to envision idiorrhythmy, a concept drawn from early monasticism by Roland Barthes, as a prism through which to diffract the overwhelming forces of the "mystic", the political and the artistic. This consideration is made in order to dream up a register through which an operative model can be established for pragmatic and utopian practices that are born of the “diasporic” in its relation to the fractured relationships with the “domestic”. One project in progress authored by the artist will offer some practical insights and further concerns will be shared and discussed.

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